Niko’s debut single “Figure Me Out” out now

Niko releases his debut single “Figure Me Out” today on digital platforms.

As is the case in most cases, Niko is no exception and music has always been a part of his life “Since I was little, I have been fascinated with musicals, my mother liked to show me musical films such as Grease, Dirty Dancing, Fame, etc. and I remember being completely fascinated with the movies and obsessed with the soundtracks in the following years. Everything that involved music on the Disney Channel like Hannah Montana, High School Musical, etc. My room was Bravo posters and what made me was happy to record myself singing with friends and put it on YouTube.”

About musical education, Niko explains to us that “I took singing and dancing classes at my younger school, but I never studied music the goal was always to pursue the degree I took in Media and Communication at Brunel University in London.”

About the debut single “Figure Me Out” Niko explains to us that “It came on a summer day, after some time working on my musical identity and watching a mini-documentary with Stego (music producer) about the international Pop market, about Abba and their influence on the best-known pop artists, such as Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, etc. of that time and also on producers. Stego and I felt completely inspired and went up to the studio immediately. We called Neev (a songwriter, artist and producer friend of mine) and he joined us and “Figure Me Out” came about.

“Figure Me Out” is now available on all digital platforms, distributed by Warner Music.

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