Single «Estado de Sítio» by Diogo Divalgações, in digital format on March 27

The ongoing race to meet physical needs blinds us.

In an immense sea of chores that is every day, we carry the distance by raising our being. We leave for later what should be a priority and conceive an organism, invented, the mastery of being fed to survive.

In an increasingly fast and expansive society, the zeal of observation has deteriorated.

We carry brands and status that empower us. We forget the canons that guide us.

We brought transcendence to the material plane and it ends quickly and without warning.

In a constant appeal to the more, we live in an incessant, fruitless and limiting swirl. We are voluntary slaves.

‘This is the era of confusion’ and ‘dreams are guarded on the ground floor of despair’. – says Diogo Divagações.

«Estado de Sítio» in pre-sale on iTunes

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