Single ‘Exotic Quixotic’ by Lusitanian Ghosts now available on digital platforms

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Lusitanian Ghosts today edit their latest single Exotic Quixotic now available on all digital platforms. But … what is the Lusitanian Ghosts project?

“The Lusitanian Ghosts project arose when I acquired an APC Amarantina viola and took it to Stockholm and offered it to my former guitarist, Micke Ghost; before that I had discovered the universe of Portuguese cordophones through my grandfather Adelino Leitão, from whom I inherited two cordophones very curious that aroused my interest”, explains Neil Leyton, Portuguese-Canadian mentor of the project.

And in what musical style can we fit Lusitanian Ghosts? According to Neil Leyton “the Lusitanian Ghosts combine Portuguese acoustic instruments, namely the popular regional chordophones, in a context of rock n roll, in other words, I always wrote, always composed, always played rock n roll. The point here is that after returning to Portugal it didn’t make sense for me to compose and write more of the same, as if I were in London, or Toronto, or Stockholm, and so it’s not just the chords that motivated me to go back to work, say, as a singer-songwriter, but also themes that go around the songs that Micke and I composed based on the cordophones. The themes are different, it’s not just rock n roll “business as usual” because the themes are more current and more localized as well.”

But, Lusitanian Ghosts is not a two-person project. It is rather a constant collaboration between musicians, as Neil Leyton explains to us “I do consider it a collaborative project, a collective of artists whose main composers are me and the Swedish Micke Ghost, Mikael Lundin, who was my guitarist in the last album cycle and Neil Leyton tours from 2004 to 2008 – at the time of the album “The Betrayal of the Self”, but also not only from this international collaboration between Portugal and Sweden, it is a collective that has many “players” of Portuguese regional cordophones as, for example, Vasco Ribeiro Casais (OMIRI) with Braguesa, O Gajo with Campaniça, and Abel Beja (Primitive Reason) with Terceira, and others that are part of this extended collective of cordophone players who can enter and leave the alignment of Lusitanian Ghosts as with other groups… namely, with Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, Bad Seeds do not always have to be the same: it is also a kind of collective.”

Exotic Quixotic is the new single from Lusitanian Ghosts‘ second album, also called Exotic Quixotic to be released in September. Neil Leyton explains to us that these new themes “have the peculiarity of having completely abandoned the 6-string guitars, electric, acoustic guitars etc. that we still use on the first album, and that on this one that was recorded in Germany on tape at the Clouds Hill studio it’s all chords, bass and drums and even so on drums, the snare drum was often replaced by Adufe.”

That is, even more Lusitano. Exotic Quixotic is now available on all digital platforms.

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