Sintra bets on a project for recycling and valuing masks and textiles

The Municipality of Sintra started the project for recycling and valuing masks and textiles, with the objective of combating waste, disposal and consequent pollution that these goods produce, giving rise to the valuation and transformation of these materials, giving them a new lease of life.

The Sintra SMAS project, in partnership with the Municipality of Sintra and To-Be-Green of the University of Minho, aims to respond to the problem of disposal/pollution of masks resulting from the pandemic, promoting their referral for valorization and transformation on new products.

The president of the municipality of Sintra, Basílio Horta, highlights “this project makes us think about materials and their purposes and, inherently, about the waste we all produce. At the beginning of the pandemic, little was thought about the reuse of masks, but they passed away. two years and the world is now faced with another question: what to do with so many masks and protective equipment? How are we going to treat them? , a civic participation project.

This project will involve, in a first phase, the Union of Parishes of Agualva-Mira Sintra, the Parishes of Algueirão-Mem Martins and Rio de Mouro and the Union of Parishes of Sintra. Surgical and community masks and textile waste will be collected from the various SMAS facilities in Sintra and the municipality, as well as from the entities that make up the pilot project area, namely parish councils, 2nd and 3rd schools. Cycle and Secondary and some Private Social Solidarity Institutions.

The Recycling and Valorization of Masks and Textiles Project will also serve to define the municipal action to be developed within the scope of the implementation/execution of the Intervention Strategy in the Management and Selective Collection of Textiles, taking into account the mandatory selective collection of textiles until 2025, in the sense of reducing landfill or sending it to incineration and increasing recycling levels, also raising awareness of the conscientious consumption of clothing and the commitment to the Circular Economy.

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