“Sintra e a Arte”, another session of Talks at the Museum

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Sintra e a Arte” will be the motto for another session of Talks at the Museum, which will take place on September 25, at 15:00, at MU.SA – Museum of the Arts of Sintra, with free entry.

The cycle of Talks at the Museum is part of the parallel program of the exhibition “No Reino das Nuvens: os Artistas e a Invenção de Sintra”. To talk about the connections and connections between Sintra and Art, artists Paulo Brighenti, Rogério Taveira and Rui Miguel Leitão Ferreira will be present in this conversation, moderated by Victor dos Reis, curator of the exhibition.

No Reino das Nuvens: os Artistas e a Invenção de Sintra”, is on display at the MU.SA – Museum of the Arts of Sintra until October 17th and its motto is art, artists and their long and intimate relationship with this place , at the same time natural and cultural, continually idealized, imagined and transformed.

Its collection brings together more than 200 works by different creators and historical periods (from prehistory to contemporaneity), of which 31 were purposely created for this exhibition, while others will be presented to the public for the first time.

It comprises paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, artists’ books, photographs, videos, installations, but also archeological pieces and others that are not usually classified as art, combined with some of the literature inspired by Sintra.

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