Sintra Museum of Natural History

Permanent Exhibition
3rd to 6th: 10h-18h, Sat., Sun., Fri., 12h-18hM


Here you find a collection of very rare fossils, like some dinosaurs or dinosaur egg nests from China.

This museum has thousands of pieces of incalculable value and enormous scientific importance. The pieces were donated to the municipality by the collector Miguel Barbosa and his wife, Fernanda Barbosa.

Due to the quality and rarity of many of the pieces, the collection of this museum holds national and international significance, highlighting some dinosaurs and dinosaur egg nests from the Gobi Desert in China, or the fragments of the Nantan meteorite ( China), which fell to Earth in the 16th century.

The museum’s greatest treasure is the only specimen in the world, from a species of flying reptile, Braseodactylus sp. In addition to being unique, this specimen is entirely intact and has already been the subject of in-depth study by the Department of Geology of the Karlsruhe Museum of Natural History.

The collection of fossils counts on numerous pieces considered rare, given their good conservation and representativeness of the geological eras to which they belong, whereas the one of mineralogy holds pieces from the most diverse regions of the world.

This is the fourth Museum of Natural History constituted in the region of Lisbon, being, however, the most modern and the most universal as to the provenance of its pieces.

Rua do Paço, 20 – Sintra
Tel: 219 238 563

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