Sintra promotes the Breast Cancer Population Screening Program

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The Municipality of Sintra promotes, until September 2022, the Breast Cancer Population Screening Program, directed at approximately 58,000 women in the municipality.

The women will be invited, by the services of the Portuguese League Against Cancer (LPCC), to participate in this screening through a personalized letter, with additional contact by phone and/or SMS.

The screening will be carried out in a Mobile Unit of the LPCC, a vehicle equipped with radiological equipment and qualified health professionals to carry out the mammograms.

For the president of the municipality of Sintra, Basílio Horta, “these initiatives bring health services and education closer to the population, for the Sintra City Council, supporting and bringing this equipment closer to citizens is a priority. Ensuring that a program of screening such as this reaches 58,000 women is, in fact, important and we could not fail to collaborate to carry out this feat.

Cancer screenings aim to increase the success of the approach to cancer disease, reducing its morbidity and mortality, constituting an instrument of recognized importance in combating cancer and reducing treatment costs.

The screening programs for population-based oncological diseases, in addition to promoting health through literacy and risk factor control, allow the identification of precursor lesions of malignant situations or early stages of the disease, through early diagnosis and the use of Less aggressive therapeutic techniques improve health outcomes.

This initiative to promote health and early diagnosis of serious diseases such as breast cancer is developed between The Portuguese League Against Breast Cancer (LPCC), the ARSLVT and the Municipality of Sintra.

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