Sintra receives the painting exhibition “Um Olhar Arquitetónico”

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Um Olhar Arquitetônico” by Sílvia Correia is the exhibition that will be on display from September 18th to November 12th, at the Municipal Gallery – Casa Mantero.

In this exhibition, Porto, the artist’s birthplace, is strongly represented. The arts were always present in Sílvia Correia’s family, who soon moved to Espinho, in an environment of pure joy and friends. From a very young age, the art of painting and drawing took off, having won at the age of 8 years the 2nd place in the creation of a comic strip for CINANIMA – Espinho International Film and Animation Festival.

The city provides us with negligible cultural wealth, every corner has history. The light, the brightness, the fog, the humidity, the smell, the accent, the good mood, are different from every city, from every place. Along multiple trips around the world, I was capturing different facades and details. From these facades and these details captured by the camera, the idea of ​​their transformation into pictorial elements emerged, each one conveying a range of feelings, emotions and multiple affections, mainly nostalgia and love, which can also be observed in this exhibition.”

In the Arts area, she took the Secondary Technological Course in Arts and Crafts, in the Photography and Video variant. This was followed by the Teachers Course of the 2nd cycle of Basic Education, in the Visual and Technological Education variant. In addition to teaching classes, she performed several decoration works, linked to “Casa Decor” and “Ceranor”.

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