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Sintra’s 16th Fair

From July 18 to 21, D. Fernando II Square, in S. Pedro de Sintra, receives another edition of the 16th Century Fair, recreating a period market with free admission. It will be four fair days, where you can meet some of the crafts of the time of D. Manuel I, such as dyeing, weaving and grinding. This historical recreation has permanent animation in a party atmosphere with characters of the people and the nobility recreating various everyday situations in interaction with the public, as well as kiosks In 1502, when D. Manuel was in his Paços de Sintra, he received the news that Vasco da Gama’s fleet was on his way to Lisbon. The King decided to go up to the Chapel of Nossa Senhora da Pena, at the top of The presence of D. Manuel I in the Paços de Sintra, a place chosen by the monarch for his good air and abundance of hunting, is the motto for the 16th Century Fair of Sintra. Sintra 2019.À F ambassadors, painters, poets, musicians, writers, navy captains and sailors, who join the vendors, innkeepers, and craftsmen, give the village the proper movement of a city.

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