Sixteen Portuguese authors in the Oceans Prize semifinalists

Sixteen Portuguese writers are among the 60 semifinalists of the Oceanos Prize, which after the extinction of the Portugal Telecom Award distinguishes annually the best works published in Portuguese language.

In the selection are the Portuguese authors Patrícia Reis with the novel ‘The construction of the void’, Luís Quintais with the book of poetry ‘The still night’, Frederico Pedreira with the book of poetry ‘The whole night’, Luís Osório with the novel ‘The fall of a man’, Júlio Henriques with the short story book ‘Hallucinate the manure’, HG Cancels with the novel ‘The people of the drama’ and Rui Nunes with the novel ‘Baixo continuo’.

In the list are António Oliveira and Castro with the novel ‘Collectors of dreams’, António Carlos Cortez with the poetry book’ Cobras cobras jackals’, David Machado with the novel ‘Under the skin’, Bruno Vieira Amaral with the novel ‘Hoje you will be with me in paradise ‘and Nuno Júdice with the book of poetry’ The myth of Europe ‘.

The authors João Pinto Coelho with the novel ‘The madmen of the street Mazur’, Sandro William Junqueira with the novel ‘When the giraffes lower the neck’, AM Pires Cabral with the book of tales ‘Singularities’ and José Tolentino Mendonça with the book of poetry ‘Theory of the border’ are the other semifinalists of Portugal.

From Mozambique they compete with Rogério Manjate, with ‘Cicatriz encarnada’, Luis Carlos Patraquim, with ‘Música extenso’ and ‘O Deus rema’, Gisela Gracias Ramos Rosa, with ‘The book of hands’, and Mbate Pedro, with ‘Vacuum’.

From Cape Verde comes Jorge Carlos Fonseca, with ‘The Spanish Hostel’.

In this edition, the Oceanos prize had a record number of Africans among the semifinalists, with eight works published by seven writers born in different countries of Africa.

The organizers of the competition pointed out that for the first time there is an author of East Timor – the novelist Luís Cardoso – and three semifinalists born in countries where Portuguese is not the official language: the Romanian formed in Lisbon Golgona Anghel, the Galician Alfonso Pexegueiro and the Swiss Prisca Agustoni, who teaches in Minas Gerais, Brazil. The remaining semifinalists are all Brazilian and include names like Manoel Herzog, Sérgio Sant’Anna and Paula Gianninni.

In 2018, works of different genres compete with each other for the four seats on the podium, corresponding to a total value of 230 thousand reais (51.9 thousand euros), a value divided into 100 thousand reais (22.5 thousand euros) for the first place, 60 thousand reais (13,5 thousand euros) for the second, 40 thousand reais (nine thousand euros), for the third, and 30 thousand reais (6,7 thousand euros) for the fourth.

In the semifinal, it will be up to the intermediate jury to select ten of the semifinalists from which the final winners will be chosen by the 2018 winners.

The winners are expected to be announced on November 29 at a venue still to be announced.

In this edition of Oceanos Prize participated 346 different publishers, who registered the 1,364 books.

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