Siza Vieira signs redevelopment project for Zebro Viewpoint

Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza Vieira will sign the re-designing project for Miradouro do Zebro, in Oleiros, whose investment is around two million euros, Lusa news agency said today in the local council.

“The project is worth two million euros and will include a suspension bridge that will connect the municipalities of Oleiros, Pampilhosa da Serra and Fundão. The name of Siza Vieira will attract tourists from all over the world,” said Fernando Marques Jorge.

The Mirador Zebro is one of the geosites where you can see materials that constituted the seabed, about 500 million years ago, that now appear to form the peaks of the Serra do Muradal, in Oleiros, Castelo Branco district.

These materials were wrinkled and raised by compressive forces following the gigantic continental collision that originated the formation of the supercontinent Pangeia.

Fernando Marques Jorge explained that the budget for the realization of this project, worth two million euros, is inscribed in the budget of the municipality for 2019, already approved, by unanimity, in the Municipal Assembly.

“This project, signed by the architect Siza Vieira, will contribute to the development of tourism in the municipality and to the fixing of people, and will benefit not only Oleiros, but also the municipalities of Pampilhosa da Serra and Fundão,” he concluded.

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