Slack platform will also have stories

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Slack took advantage of the annual Salesforce event to announce a handful of news.

After several months of testing a functionality similar to Instagram stories, the platform will even add this format to its application.

The idea is not to allow workers to share videos and images of their personal lives. Instead, Clips serves to broadcast project updates – briefings, with colleagues working remotely in locations across time zones; recordings of meetings where other workers could not be present; or feedback, without having to spend several minutes writing down all your opinions.

Slack emphasizes that it has developed this feature in order to make it as accessible and inclusive as possible. In this case, you can adjust the playback speed of videos, get automatic subtitles, skip irrelevant parts and respond directly to each clip with text, audio or video.

Unlike what happens with Instagram stories, clips do not disappear automatically and can be searched after some time.

Another peculiarity of this system is that it makes it possible to share clips with other people who are not part of your company, through Slack Connect – a feature that allows you to communicate with partners and customers through Slack itself.

The feature is now being released and is expected to reach all users of the paid version later this autumn.

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