Slava Polunin indicates snow forecast in Tivoli

“Slava’s Snowshow” between April 3rd and 14th

The Tivoli BBVA Theater will once again receive the snowstorm caused by “Slava’s Snowshow”, between April 3rd and 14th.

Tickets for this show, which stands out for the simplicity and emotion of the art of clowning, are on sale on Ticketline and at the usual places.

slava snowshow colour ballons in the audience by veronique vial
Slava’s Snowshow

The show, signed by Slava Polunin, considered the best and most famous clown in the world, is already a regular presence on Portuguese stages, but continues to surprise and amaze the public with its art and, with a very clear purpose: to bring the audience on an exciting journey to childhood, to the world of colors, feelings, emotions and small details that are only seen with the genuineness that is within us, but that lives hidden by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Slava’s SnowshowSlava’s SnowshowSlava’s Snowshow

Acclaimed by international critics, “Slava’s Snowshow” is considered one of the most powerful theatrical experiences, in which life and the spiral of emotions are celebrated, purely and genuinely. The visual performance creates an immersive and emotional experience, which engages the audience without a word being exchanged.

“For me, expression without words is much more organic and natural than using words on stage. The visual language is richer and more personalized. So I didn’t even think about using words”, highlights Vyacheslav Polunin, better known as Slava Polunin.

slava snowshow blue canary by andrea lopez mg 1178
Slava’s Snowshow

In a show that brings back childhood memories, what cannot be missed is a snowstorm, which in itself has a magical aura. In “Slava’s Snowshow” the size of each snowflake is thought out in detail, so that they float specially, involving the audience in an explosion of joy.

The show is also accompanied by an unprecedented soundtrack, which takes the audience to an imaginary world, unique and without limits, with songs as diverse as they are impactful, such as “Chariots of Fire”, “La Petite Fille De La Mer”, “Oh Fortuna” and “Ravel’s Bolero”.

slava snowshow yellow in snow storm by veronique vial
Slava’s Snowshow

UAU, a show producer, brought this show for the first time in 2003 and its success gave rise to the producer’s signature: We produce emotions. Two decades later, Portugal continues to host this show that stands out for its artistic simplicity and the depth of emotion that invades the hearts of the public.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, ticket place of sale, price, and availability.

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