Slimmy presents the video for the new single “My Baby Camila” which features a cameo

After the release of the single “My Baby Camila” at the end of May, Slimmy now presents the video featuring his 13-month-old daughter, directed by Jorge Riobom from Play Audiovisuais.

The theme is musically produced by Mike More and Pico Moreira and is part of the next album to be released between the end of this year and the beginning of 2022, “Close Enough to Be Seen, Far Enough Away to be Safe”.

Distribution is by Independent Records label.

Slimmy is one of the most charismatic and outstanding musicians in the history of music in Portugal in recent decades. In 2021 he appears reborn: a father for the first time and celebrating 20 years of his career through a special box with the Best-Of, which, in addition to including 21 themes, brings a photo book alluding to each year, pins, and a folder with access to exclusive and unreleased material, such as concerts, remixes, demos, etc.

The edition “20 Years, The Best(Of) is Yet To Come” still recovers one of the most electrifying themes of his first album with the single “Set Me on Fire”. In this special edition stand out themes such as “Beatsound Loverboy”, “You Should Never Leave Me (Before I die)” (two songs that were part of the soundtrack of “Morangos com Açúcar”), “Um Anjo Como Tu” ( which was one of the great successes of the series “I Love It”), “Today I feel the lack” (soundtrack of the soap opera Mulheres).

Slimmy was the protagonist of a golden age between 2000 and 2007: with hit singles on radio, a theme in the soundtrack of the series “CSI Miami” and a guest on all radio and television programs. Slimmy also won MTV’s Best Portuguese Act and Golden Globe nominations. “Beatsound Loverboy” was considered the third best national album since 1994, in a vote carried out to commemorate 15 years of Antena 3 in 2009.

And it was during and after this phase of glory that Slimmy also experienced some of the worst moments of his life that led him to the abyss: drugs and alcohol resulted in a deep depression that ended up taking the musician out of the limelight.

But thanks to his resilience and passion for music, Slimmy managed to win this battle and today he is a man completely recovered and in love with life and family.

The musician is also a spokesperson for mental health and how important it is to talk about it, especially among males.

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