SmartCounters by Wavecom are already installed in Barra beach

Wavecom wants to help manage the occupation of the beaches with SmartCounter and has already installed the first system in Praia da Barra, in Aveiro.

Powered by photovoltaic panels, SmartCounters allow you to identify in real time how many people enter or leave a beach, collecting information through an optical count sensor.

through the processing of the various porches, the system automatically calculates the occupancy rate, the color of the corresponding flag or traffic light and the total number of entrances and exits, also taking into account the tides and the available beach area.

In the current version, the system that started to be implemented in Aveiro can be linked to the Info Praias application or to other applications that help to monitor the state of bathing occupation.

In addition to the beaches, SmartCounters’ predictive algorithms can also be applied to manage the capacity of spaces such as municipal pools, river beaches, cycle paths, parks or gardens.

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