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SM’ARTE Festival in Bragança starts tomorrow

The headquarters of a Parish Council, an energy transformation post, a deactivated primary school, a multipurpose pavilion, the headquarters of an association and the building of an old milking house are just some of the spaces that, from 16 to 20 June, will gain new life with the V Festival of Street Art – Sm’arte.

There are seven villages on the Rota da Terra Fria that are now part of the “network” of about 50 interventions in public space carried out over four editions of Sm’arte which, this year, “relocates” to the medium rural. A decision that aims, above all, to promote territorial cohesion in the municipality and new tourist dynamics in the villages; dynamize and promote the Terra Fria Route (little known and visited until then) and avoid the exhaustion of spaces in the city for this type of intervention.

Baçal, Deilão, Mós, Santa Comba de Rossas, São Julião de Palácios, Rebordãos and Zoio, known for their natural, cultural and ethnographic heritage, will thus be the stage for the creation of local artists Duarte Saraiva, Lucky Hell and Trip Dtos and from the collective Ruído (Draw and Contra), Mário Belém, Zela and Fedor Rua Duarte who will intervene under the theme “Bragança. Naturally!”.

It should be recalled that the municipality of Bragança already has around 50 street art interventions in different public spaces and, since 2018, has been part of the world urban art platform.

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