Snus, what Is this?

Snus is moist tobacco, that comes in different kinds of flavours, created in Sweden, that is usually placed under the upper lip and that you do not have to burn or smoke it.

This moist tobacco, Snus, you do not need to spit and it is considered less harmful than cigarettes because you don’t burn or smoke it, and also you can use it everywhere because you don’t smoke, so it doesn’t bother anyone who’s around your side.

Snus History
Snuff, the precursor to Snus, in the 16th century, was introduced as a migraine medicine to the French Court, Snuff a pulverized tobacco, became very popular by the elites in France and across Europe. In the 17th century arrived in Sweden and from Snuff was created Snus.
Ettan, the oldest brand was created in 1822 and the difference between snuff and snus is that snus is moist and does not require spitting.

How snus is made
Snus is tobacco leaves cut into little strips, sun-dried and air-dried before they are ground into powder. After the tobacco powder receives between 24 to 36 hours, a heat treatment that reaches 100 degrees. Snus contains 30% tobacco and 50% water, salt.

First time user
Want to try snus? Now you can try suns in various shapes and flavours, so there is a snus that will please you. Loose snus consists of ground tobacco with fine, medium or coarse varieties. Since 1970 it has been sold in the small pouched paper, making it easier to use whit less risk of spill and mess.

Snus Portion Size
It now exists in mini, super slim, slim and large in shape and size portions, and large is the largest, most common and the original portion. For those who want a portion that is more discreet, use Super Slim, the smallest portion being Mini Portion, all portions are used under the lip.

Snus vs Cigars
Snus poses no risk to others and is an alternative to cigarettes, and not being a healthy option, it is less harmful than traditional cigarettes, because if it is not burned it does not take smoke into the lungs, but that does not mean it is healthy.

For more information see the website.

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