Only digital will save companies in 2021

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The year 2021 will be the year of consolidation of e-commerce in Portugal and a solution for the viability of many national companies that have already taken (and others will take) the first steps in digital in the face of the pandemic, anticipates the e-commerce website Insania, stressing that it will also be the year of the affirmation of the new and sudden consumption pattern registered by consumers in the first general confinement in 2020.

“The year will be difficult, in the most varied sectors, and for this reason, e-commerce will assert itself as the lifeline of many businesses”, says Amelie Teixeira, Insania’s CEO.

Those who don’t have e-commerce will end up having it. And whoever has to improve the most basic, such as having a good website, user friendly with complete and organized information. The checkout process should be simple and with several payment methods available. Having free shipping or with competitive values ​​and good exchange and return policies will also be distinctive criteria in relation to the competition. It will increase the demand for warehouses or logistics companies on the outskirts of cities to facilitate parcel delivery.

Insania explains that people are forced to buy more online and, in full confinement, internet browsing time increases and this will point to the purchase of more personalized products, because even without physical stores, the desire to find the gift or the perfect memory for a special person will remain.

On the other hand, due to the increase in traffic on mobile devices, it is expected that more applications will continue to emerge that guarantee the best user experience.

Although 2020 was atypical, it helped Insania to structure itself and further solidify and, therefore, it is expected to register an increase in transactions in the order of 30% to € 4m in 2021.

It is expected that e-commerce companies bet on innovative strategies, through the differentiated use of artificial intelligence and big data to predict the behavior of users, based on consumption habits and the information made available”, concludes the person in charge.

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