Soajo – What to do

What to do in Soajo

Espigueiros do Soajo – Set against a horizon of breathtaking mountain views, these ancient granaries are a truly unique historical landmark, and a magical place to watch the sunset.

Hiking Trails – If you love the outdoors and hiking, then Soajo is certainly the place for you. Hiking is the best way to discover the natural beauty of the area.

Ponte da Ladeira – This charming arched medieval bridge is set in a hidden tranquil paradise. From here you can bathe in the sparkling fresh water of the river surrounded by a lush forest. As you leave Soajo the bridge is signposted but it is also marked on Google Maps.

Poço Bento – Poço Bento is a gorgeous natural water bathing pool fed by a small waterfall. It is located in a secluded clearing that you’ll have all to yourself to enjoy if you’re determined enough to find it! To reach it, we hiked up the stream of the river Adrão, climbing on stepping-stones and at times wading through water. The route involves stepping over many slippery rocks so sensible footwear with good grip is a must for this one. To reach it, drive out of Soajo with the granaries on your right. After about 2-3 minutes of driving, on your right, you’ll see a lay by right before a bend in the road and a bridge. Pull over here, and you’ll see sloping stairs that go down to the river which is where you can start the river hike. Make sure you follow the river in the direction that takes you under the bridge. After about an hour you’ll reach Poço Bento (depending on how fast you go).

Hillside Swimming Pools – More swimming can be found just above the city on the way to Peneda. To reach it, head to the Saber Ao Borralho restaurant and take a right before the car park. Drive for about 5 minutes up to a steep incline and on your left near the top of the hill you’ll find the pools. (Look out for the picnic tables opposite). I personally didn’t think this spot was as nice as the other pools because it felt more man-made. However, the pools are perched on a hill so the views from up here were beautiful.

Poco Negro – This inviting natural pool and waterfall is surrounded by stones and lots of untouched nature. Jump into the water from a rope-swing and dry off on the smooth rocks.

Lindoso Castle – Six miles to the east of Soajo lies Lindoso Castle. Here you can explore the dramatic castle ruins from the 17th century that was previously used to ward off invaders crossing the nearby Spanish border. En route to Lindoso by car, you will pass the majestic Alto-Lindoso dam, the biggest hydroelectric plant in Portugal.

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