Social intervention projects for art presented this week

Exhibitions, concerts, a show, circus arts workshops and the screening of films, which result from social intervention projects for the arts, are presented between Friday and Sunday at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation in Lisbon.

PARTIS will present some of the 16 projects of social intervention for art, which were supported by the foundation in the second edition (2016-2018) of the Practices for Social Inclusion initiative (PARTIS).

Between Friday and Sunday will show “the result of the work developed with vulnerable people and in situations of exclusion”.

The meeting begins on Friday with the conference ‘Art and Community – restless dialogues’,’ about the role of art in the community and how they relate and influence each other ‘, that’ it will also be the moment of taking stock of the second PARTIS edition, “according to information made available on the foundation’s website.

On the same day, the exhibition ‘Refuge and Art: a thousand colors in my fingers’ is inaugurated, which will be open until Sunday and is’ a showcase of the work carried out with young refugees for three years, through photographic records of art workshops, visits, journeys, exhibitions, meetings and some of the selected works “.

Saturday morning is dedicated to the circus arts, with a trip to the Educational Center of Caxias, Oeiras, for the spectacle ‘Perspetivas’ and a workshop, where it will be possible to try different circus modalities, from the Combi Forces, Chapitô project, “which aims to take the Circus Arts to children and adolescents who comply with educational tutelary measures. ” This activity requires prior registration.

In the afternoon, at the foundation, the concert “Renascer” is scheduled for the project “cultural decentralization that favors children from rural areas or from low-income families” Zéthoven – Plante Um Musico, and the short-film ” Migratory, “a feature film composed of six short films that tell” real stories, and / or based on authentic facts, made by young people who immersed themselves in their neighborhood, themselves and their families. ” The film will be shown with live music played by some of the young people who participated in the project.

On the last day, there is the ‘Xilobaldes’ show, “the result of a collective creation process that intends to reflect on some life experiences of the young people who attend Tum Tum Tum workshops related to employment and vocational training”, and the exhibition of the balance sheet documentary of the SOMA Geração project, which will “showcase the work developed with children between 5 and 16 years of Lisbon schools, also integrating children with special educational needs and their educators (teachers and parents) through dance, music and performance. ”

Still under the scope of ‘This is PARTIS’, the exhibition ‘Portraits of the Islands – Bonfim beyond the facades’ is inaugurated on Wednesday in the Order of Architects, also in Lisbon, which will be open until February 13.

This exhibition, which includes photographs by photojournalist Paulo Pimenta and participants from the My Place in the World Association and the Senhor do Bonfim Social Center in Oporto, “is the result of three years of work with an intergenerational group from the Bonfim community, in around the ISLAND concept “, presenting” a picture of the human, urban and organic experience of a group of islands and surrounding space “.

The complete schedule and schedules can be found on the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation website.

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