Sofia Remtula winner of the FAE 2022 Case Studies Award

Sofia Remtula, a CATÓLICA-LISBON student, was the winner of the FAE 2022 Case Study Award, which further distinguished two CATÓLICA-LISBON students, Juliana Nicole Aguiar and Frederica Anna Damerow, with honorable mentions.

Sofia Remtula, a master’s student at the Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, was the big winner of the FAE 2022 Case Studies Prize, an annual initiative of the Forum of Business Administrators and Managers, in partnership with Caixa Geral de Depósitos, which aims to objective is to distinguish the best Management Cases of Portuguese or foreign companies present in Portugal that serve as a model of growth and/or innovation.

The Awards ceremony took place this Tuesday, January 17, in Porto

In addition to the winner, the FAE 2022 Case Studies Award distinguished two more students from CATÓLICA-LISBON, Juliana Nicole Aguiar and Frederica Anna Damerow, with the attribution of honorable mentions for their Case Studies.

It should be recalled that of the six finalists for the FAE 2022 Case Studies Award, from the various Business Schools in the country, announced last December, three were CATÓLICA-LISBON students. The 3 students from CATÓLICA-LISBON stood out among more than a dozen applications from various schools in the country with cases written by teachers or students

Sofia Remtula presented the winning Case Study with the theme “Futah’s international journey: a sunny future for a beach towel?”, guided by Professor Nuno Guedes.

Juliana Nicole Aguiar, guided by Professor Nuno Cardeal, addressed the theme “Portuguese Unicorns: Where else to go but the U.S. A Tale of Two Unicorns”.

Frederica Anna Damerow addressed the theme “Responsibility as an Opportunity: Enhancing Human Rights in Organizations as a Driver for Change – A Case Study on Sustainable Development”, under the guidance of Professor Nuno Moreira da Cruz.

The award aims to distinguish the best Management Cases of Portuguese or foreign companies present in Portugal. The cases must show a management challenge for a company or group of companies, with a focus on creating value and sustainability for the organization.

Filipe Santos, Dean of CATÓLICA-LISBON says: “We are very proud of our finalist students and the winner Sofia Remtula for her excellent case studies. It should be noted that this competition is also open to professors from all Management Schools, but it is the cases produced by our Master’s students that are the best in the country. This is the mark of academic excellence at CATÓLICA-LISBON – the enormous talent of its students with the quality of supervision of our professors’ theses”.

Sofia Remtula, the winner of the FAE 2023 award, declares that “it was an immense pride, I wasn’t expecting anything, but it was a really good feeling and happiness because it reflected all my academic progress. And taking this path with CATÓLICA-LISBON was incredible, because I really had a lot of support from my supervisor“, admitted the student. When asked about the moment when her name was mentioned as the big winner, Sofia Remtula also stressed that it was “a moment of a lifetime” and that he felt “a great grip of happiness and emotion” at having achieved this distinction at the national level.

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