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Sol da Caparica, the (in) Portuguese music festival is back

August 11th to 15th in Costa da Caparica

The good energies, animation, and lots of music joined the sun, beach, and sea breeze to welcome everyone who went to the Costa da Caparica Urban Park and ineews was there.

After the forced stop, due to the pandemic, it was the joy that was stamped on the faces of those waiting to enter the venue, which changed to frustration, due to the delay in opening doors of more than an hour, but quickly everyone forgot about it. as soon as the doors opened and they were greeted by the beat of Porbatuka, who were at the various entrances playing for the festival-goers.

The festival has four stages: Super Bock, Free Now, Unlock Energy, and Comédia/Jazzy, the latter starts with humor shows and then dance, João Nuno Gonçalo, Miguel Neves, and the incomparable Fernando Rocha were on stage yesterday afternoon, during the night the stage was taken over by dance groups, Souliah Fighters, Jazzy Dance Crew, Kriss Kross Crew, and Dance Coolture, which with several performances got everyone dancing.

But of course, it was the Free Now and Super Bock stages, which concentrated more attention, on the Free Now stage, it was the rock of Puro Rock that opened the stage, followed by Ive Greice, Syro, before the Julinho KSDflood“, with a second stage competing, whit the main stage, Miguel Ângelo was the last to perform on this stage.

Jimmy P opened the afternoon on the Super Bock stage, and unsurprisingly he won over the audience from the first moment, he even jumped the protection stalls, and in the midst of his fans, in delirium, he danced and sang with them, a fantastic moment.

Virgul was the one who followed, who with his music, kept the heat and energy levels of the public high, the Clã then passed through the stage, Manuela Azevedo, remembers this is the band’s first presence at the Costa da Caparica Festival, taking the public for a journey between the band’s best-known themes, and those of the last album, in which they have the collaboration of Samuel Úria and Sérgio Godinho.

Fernando Daniel follows, needless to say much, the audience in delirium, sings, dances, those who have the space to do so, with the singer going through his many hits, which everyone knows, and of course, with many sighs, of the fans, who follow him everywhere.

It’s already dark and with the temperature going down that Calema enter the stage to warm the hearts and the atmosphere, as always their music and friendliness, infected the public, which “melted” since the entrance of Fradique and António the brothers of São Tomé and Príncipe that conquer all the stages where they pass.

The concerts on stage ended with Wet Bed Gang, a long-awaited concert that ended the first day of music in the Portuguese language, on this return of music, to Costa da Caparica, good to end, it didn’t end, as the party continued, with electronic rhythms in the Unlock Energy tent, with Sightseer, Rich, and Mendes, Buruntuma and until dawn, with Diego Miranda that the Festival Sol da Caparica ended the first night.

For today another great day awaits us Festival

  • Alcoolémia
  • Anna Joyce
  • Bonga
  • Djodje
  • HMB
  • Mão Morta
  • Nowhere To Be Found
  • Piruka
  • Richie Campbell
  • Ricky Man
  • Rui Orlando
  • Vado Más Ki Ás
  • Zeca Sempre

Unlock Energy stage

  • Deejay Kamala
  • Danni Gato
  • Hugo Tabaco
  • DJ Mandas

Comedy stage

  • Gilmário Vemba

Jazzy stage

  • Starfyah Crew
  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • Mgboos

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