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Sol da Caparica with more news

More and better is the promise for this year! And, even in the countdown to the start of the seventh edition of O Sol da Caparica, the news is always adding up.

Children’s Day poster revealed and a new version of the festival’s anthem presented are the latest bets for a memorable Sol da Caparica.

Inês de Medeiros – Sol da Caparica – Apresentação ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.07.12

Sol da Caparica’22 has everything to be the best ever! And even the anthem got a new look with the participation of Rich & Mendes and the interpretation of the artists Anna Joyce, Calema, Cuca Roseta, Nuno Ribeiro, Rui Orlando, Soraia Ramos, and Syro, as presented at a press conference, on a tour of the boat along the Tagus River.

The lineup of this, the largest festival dedicated to Portuguese-speaking music, promises many emotions for festival-goers, but the usual program dedicated to the little ones, designed to provide a special family day, at a festival that is he is all familiar.

Calema – Sol da Caparica – Apresentação ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.07.12

This year, in addition to musical moments with As Canções da Maria and Miss Cindy, and dance and theater shows, as soon as they arrive at the venue, the youngest enter Mundo da Noa, the new mascot of this day, which aims to teach habits sustainable and encourage to protect our resources, making the little ones aware of small changes because they are our future.

In Mundo da Noa, transmitting the message of good practices and the need to protect our oceans is fundamental! Doing it with the new generation in a fun and didactic way contributes to increasing sustainability in families. Thus, in addition to the race for inflatables, stands and the various entertainment points associated with the Festival Passport, such as face painting, skateboarding lessons, and ball ateliers, children can learn more about the oceans, having fun, for example, with giant games like Aero Bungee (where you have to jump high and save the endangered marine animals) or Buble Football (simulation of the bottom of the sea, with the objective of kicking all the plastic away).

Carlão – Sol da Caparica – Apresentação ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.07.12

Being a family, conscious and supportive festival is in the DNA of O Sol da Caparica. As such, this year, 50% of the value of tickets sold for the morning of August 14th will be donated to Acreditar – Association of Parents and Friends of Children with Cancer.

Virgul – Sol da Caparica – Apresentação ©Luís M. Serrão – ineews < 2022.07.12

The Festival O Sol da Caparica’22 is an initiative of the Municipality of Almada, produced by Grupo Chiado.

Lineup announced so far:

August 11th

  • Calema 
  • Clã 
  • Fernando Daniel 
  • Ive Greice 
  • Jimmy P 
  • Julinho KSD 
  • Miguel Angelo  
  • Puro Rock 
  • Syro 
  • The Legenday Tigerman 
  • Virgul 
  • Wet Bed Gang  

Electronic Stage

  • Buruntuma  
  • Diego Miranda 
  • Rich & Mendes  
  • Sightseer

Comedy Stage

  • Fernando Rocha  
  • João Nuno Gonçalo
  • Miguel Neves  

Dance Stage

  • Dance Coolture
  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • King Kross Crew
  • Souljah Fighters

August 12th

  • Alcoolémia
  • Anna Joyce
  • Bonga
  • Djodje
  • HMB
  • Mão Morta
  • Nowhere To Be Found
  • Piruka
  • Richie Campbell
  • Ricky Man
  • Rui Orlando
  • Vado Más Ki Ás
  • Zeca Sempre

Electronic Stage

  • Deejay Kamala
  • Danni Gato
  • Hugo Tabaco
  • Mandas

Comedy Stage

  • Diana Nogueira
  • Gilmário Vemba
  • João Pinto

Dance Stage

  • MGBoos
  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • Star Fyah Crew

August 13th

  • Branko
  • Cuca Roseta
  • Diogo Piçarra
  • Ivandro
  • Kady e Convidadas
  • Karyna Gomes
  • Mário Marta
  • Nuno Ribeiro
  • Plutónio
  • ProfJam
  • Sam The Kid com Orquestra e Orelha Negra
  • Soraia Ramos & Amigos

Electronic Stage

  • Afrokillerz
  • Karetus
  • Zanova
  • Zullu  & Gabily

Comedy Stage

  • Hugo Sousa
  • Mangope
  • Vasco Elvas

Dance Stage

  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • Latin Atitude
  • Showmen
  • Tiago e Fi

August 14th

  • António Zambujo
  • Bateu Matou
  • Bispo
  • Chico da Tina
  • Cláudia Pascoal
  • Conjunto Cuca Monga
  • Dynamo
  • Mafalda Veiga
  • Mishlawi
  • Nelson Freitas
  • Poesia Acústica
  • T-Rex

Electronic Stage  

  • Kevu
  • Kura
  • Tiger Lewis

Dance Stage

  • Battle All Styles
  • Funk Fest com Yaya
  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • Jazzy Summer Dance Intensive
  • Salah

Children’s Day

  • As Canções da Maria
  • Maravilhoso Mundo do Ambiente
  • Mega Dança Tik-Tok
  • Miss Cindy

August 15th

  • Bárbara Bandeira
  • Carlão
  • Gil Semedo
  • José Cid
  • Kevinho
  • Maneva
  • Maninho
  • MC Don Juan
  • Nenny
  • Os Quatro e Meia
  • Papillon
  • Tiago Bettencourt
  • Yuri NR5

Electronic Stage  

  • Djeff
  • Massivedrum
  • Vanco

Comedy Stage

  • Aldo Lima
  • Chico Alves
  • Rui Xará

Dance Stage

  • Dance Life Academy
  • Feel it
  • Jazzy Dance Crew
  • Jazzy Dance Kids Crew
  • Lil Malaikes
  • Lil Malaikes kids
  • Salah


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