Summer solstice is celebrated in a hustle and bustle with three days of celebration in Alvoco da Serra

June 21st to 23rd in the Aldeia de Montanha de Alvoco da Serra, Seia

The Mountain Village of Alvoco da Serra welcomes summer once again with the Solstice Festival, which takes place between the 21st and 23rd of June.

Everyone gets involved with their heart and soul in what is the most authentic and genuine summer celebration in the country. Lampião Walk, creative and sustainable workshops, tasting traditional delicacies, music and entertainment promise to liven up the decorated streets of the mountain village.

festa em Alvoco da Serra

The days leading up to the date of the festival bring an unusual amount of hustle and bustle to all the communities in the parish and the resident community at a time when the days seem to start to be hot and the nights fall sparkling on the mountainside of Alvoco da Serra.

At this point there are no hands to measure, the community and communities are preparing to make tourists and visitors aware of the parish’s best delicacies such as rice pudding, pork on a skewer, traditional sausages and soups that, even in summer, are part of the diet.


festa em Alvoco da SerraThe Solstice Festival in Alvoco da Serra has a vast associated cultural program, including the Lampião Walk, which takes place on the night of June 22nd to 23rd, the highlight of the Solstice Festival. As in the past, participants will walk through the fields next to the Alvoco river, throughout the night, in honor of the farmers, today fewer in number, who in the past watered the fields using “water spins” and were illuminated by sunlight. a lamp. For the inhabitants – and in particular for the village’s children – summer began with this activity that fills the mountain with small circling points of light.

festa em Alvoco da Serra

To participate in the walk, a lampião (without fire) remains mandatory, but it is no longer necessary to have a cultivation field in Alvoco. Just show up!

Over the three days of the festival, the walk is joined by many other activities, such as creative and sustainable workshops, children’s entertainment, a fado dance, music, lectures and street art.

festa em Alvoco da Serra

Decorated and decorated, the village’s streets will be meeting points for everyone, locals and tourists, and where it is possible to taste the most genuine flavours of the region. On the streets, the decoration will be responsible and sustainable, taking advantage of end-of-cycle resources and materials, reusing, recycling and respecting Nature.

In the narrow alleys there will always be people singing and playing.

festa em Alvoco da Serra

The Solstice Festival and the Lampião Walk are promoted by the Alvoco da Serra Parish Council in partnership with all communities in the parish. This Festival is part of the Mountain Village Network’s Entertainment Plan.

Summer, believe it or not, begins in Serra da Estrela, in the Aldeia de Montanha de Alvoco da Serra, in Seia.

festa em Alvoco da Serra

Official Solstice Festivities Program | Alvoco da Serra

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