Somersby Pool Parties are back at Rock in Rio Lisbon

Mais de 20 DJ sets e sete horas de música por dia

The City of Rock pool once again hosts several DJs and seven hours of partying a day, in addition to dancers, MCs, and lots of dives.

Buruntuma, DJ/MC Demo, DJ Cruzfader ft Sir Scratch, Putzgrilla, From House to Disco, The Slum Vagabunds, XL Garcia, Fridayboyz + Rich & Mendes, Sara Santini, Ruben da Cruz, Hugo Tabaco, Nox, Rendez-vous by Guillaume, Chá de Funk are some of the names that will take the helm of the festival’s liveliest (and freshest) booth!

The first day is curated by Fuse Records and the last day is curated by Deejay Kamala, promising an alignment with more than 12 artists, from the most varied aesthetics of urban music.

FINALLY, June has arrived, the month of Rock in Rio to rock the city of Lisbon again. Just over 15 days before the opening of the City of Rock, the festival brings more news to its schedule, anticipating the long-awaited reunion and a unique party atmosphere.

The Somersby Pool Party is back in a big way this edition: there are more than 20 DJ sets that promise to give music to the visitors of the City of Rock, spread over seven hours of music a day, which complement the Galp Music Valley programming, transforming it into a stage non-stop. The party starts as soon as the doors open, at 12:00, and there will be dancing music, different musical styles, electrifying beats, and a unique setting with a swimming pool right on the festival grounds with a bar and changing rooms. The DJ booth (this year located in a new area, between the pool and the stage, specially designed so that everyone who passes through Galp Music Valley can enjoy the show) will be several DJs throughout the four days of the festival: Analodjica, DJ Andrezo ft Deezy & Harold, The Blkbrds ft Jukebox, Buruntuma, Chá de Funk, DJ Cruzfader ft Sir Scratch, DJ/MC Demo, From House to Disco, Fridayboyz, Gilvaia, Hugo Tabaco, Jiggy, Lucas Bicudo, DJ Nokin ft Filipe Gonçalves, Nox, DJ Peace Maker!, Putzgrilla, Rendezvous by Guillaume, Ruben da Cruz, Sara Santini, The Slum Vagabunds, XL Garcia and Zecka Pinheiro.

The party atmosphere is already felt everywhere. It’s been four years without being able to feel this vibe and nothing better than starting the final countdown with the liveliest parties in the City of Rock are our Somersby Pool Parties. They start earlier so as soon as the doors open the public can start getting into the festival mood. That’s why it’s best to arrive early to get the most out of these 14 hours of entertainment a day. There will be a lot to enjoy in this edition”, says Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio Lisboa.

For Vasco Ribeiro, Manager of Somersby,Positioning itself as the choice for moments of relaxation with friends, summer festivals are one of the places of choice for Somersby to strengthen its connection with consumers. It is in this sense that the sponsorship of Pool Parties at Rock in Rio arises, a partnership that reflects the positioning and philosophy of the brand as it is a festival that, due to its characteristics, allows Somersby to provide irreverent and fun experiences to the public that goes to the City of Rock”.

June 18th

The first day of Somersby Pool Party has a special curatorship: the collective Fuse Records, known to electronic music lovers in Portugal for their events and cultural programs, brings Rock in Rio DJ sets, live acts, and surprise moments with different dynamics. and interaction with the public. The highlight of the day will be the final show: an unprecedented performance in which all the artists of the day come together in a back-to-back.

Opening the party on this day is Gilvaia, eclectic by nature and a former founding member of the Electronic Gang Producer, who will be responsible for welcoming the thousands of visitors who will return to the City of Rock after four years. Next comes Analodjica, an artist with the most energetic and seductive sets that have ever passed through Bela Vista. On the same day also performs JIGGY, one of the most renowned and consistent DJs in the history of House and Techno in Portugal, and Nox, whose journey through electronic music is characterized by transferring much of his experiences to his creations. Closing the first day of Somersby Pool Party is the duo Syper and Vanhell, known since 2011 as The Slum Vagabunds. In its underground status, its sets are marked by unpredictability and originality. At the end of the night, all the artists get together for a not-to-be-missed b2b moment.
On the same day, the Galp Music Valley stage (where the Somersby Pool Party pool is located) receives performances by Moullinex & Xinobi, Izal, Linda Martini, The Black Mamba, Ego Kill Talent, and Zanibar Aliens.

June 19th

On the second day of Rock in Rio Lisboa, tea will be served to open the Somersby Pool Party. 100% dancing, explosive and interactive, Chá de Funk is a funk event with a carioca soul, composed of DJs, MCs, and dancers who, through artistic performances of “batucada funk” and their visuals, involve the public in a party scene single. Soon after, there’s more partying with Rendez-Vous by Guillaume, the best sunset that Parque da Bela Vista has ever hosted, which takes vibes from different nationalities who share the same passion for music to the City of Rock pool – be it hip. -hop, oldschool RNB, dancehall or afro Caribbean.

This is followed by Sara Santini – one of the most sought after and fastest growing names in the electronic music scene, with cards in Portugal and abroad – and DJ Peace Maker!, who makes a difference through his explosive house vibes, fused with tech-house influences. Zecka Pinheiro joins the party later, with a naturally versatile sound, maintaining inexhaustible energy that infects the audience.

To close another day of Somersby Pool Party, the City of Rock is getting ready to welcome the duo of DJs and producers Bruna Ferreira and Livia Lanzoni, known together as From House to Disco. The artists from São Paulo, who have already passed through Portugal and missed, are now back with new sounds and a set that goes through the groove of the disco side adding to the outstanding characteristics of classic house.
On the same day, the Galp Music Valley stage receives performances by Deejay Kamala, IZA, Bárbara Tinoco, Miss Caffeina, Edu Monteiro and Funk Orquestra.

June 25th

The first day of the second weekend of Rock in Rio Lisbon begins with two well-known duos by the Portuguese, who will make the mission of leaving the Somersby Pool Party even more arduous: the FridayBoyz from RFM – famous duo of Friday mornings, composed by José Coimbra and Pedro Simões – will invite Rich&Mendes, who recently collaborated on the new song by David Carreira BaByboo and so we can expect a performance full of surprises and lots of partying!

This party continues with DJRúben da Cruz, who combines in his sets his MC, host, artist and even dance. Next, Hugo Tabaco, a DJ who began his career in 1993, takes charge and whose national and international performances are marked by his good mood and explosive energy.

But there’s more: Luís “XL” Garcia, a Portuguese DJ and producer with years on the dance floor, is also present on this day, whose sets can be described as a surprising and fluid musical approach. Also on this day, and to end the pool party in style, a festival debut in Portugal: Lucas Bicudo, a DJ from Rio de Janeiro who has his own show on Radio Veneno Live – the largest electronic music radio in Brazil – and that brings in its selections a mixture of rhythms between disco, house, afrobeat and “velharias brasileiras“.

On the same day, the Galp Music Valley stage receives performances by José Cid, Delfins, Ney Matogrosso, António Zambujo and Luca Argel.

June 26th

For the last day of the Somersby Pool Party, the party will be BIG with Deejay Kamala in curatorship (an artist who performs at Galp Music Valley on June 19 and who, on this day, returns to the “enchanted valley” as curator). On this day, there will be more than 12 artists who will take charge of the party, walking through the most different styles of urban music.

Opening the 26th of June are Vasco Alves and Cifrão, the creators of The Blkbrds, who will draw from their hats a mix of electro, Funk, Hip Hop, and 80s rock sounds. will feature dancers from the Jukebox Crew who brighten up the party with old-school street dance moves. Next up is DJ Nokin, a veteran of the dance floors who have manipulated the mixing desk since he was 13 years old, who will make the audience vibrate even more by bringing a special feature with singer Filipe Gonçalves, charismatic voice — full of mind-blowing rhythms. — of several national brands and the success “Ela Só Quer”.

On this day the pool parties also receive the electrifying sound and the contagious energy of Putzgrilla that will not leave anyone indifferent, followed by the DJ/MC Demo, the voice of the mythical band Expensive Soul, and one of the most famous names in the national scene of DJs.

The party is still only halfway through: DJ Andrezo takes two very special guests to the City of Rock – Deezy & Harold. The three artists from the R&B and Hip Hop scene with several hits and collaborations with names such as Bispo, Gson, Ivandro, Grognation (with Harold being one of the band members), Prodígio (who also performs in Rock Your Street), among others, will not make room for boredom, transforming Somersby Pool Party into one of the most desirable places in the City of Rock.

Next is Alexandre Santaella, known to all as DJ Cruzfader. This collector of mixtapes, who mix Hip Hop with Turntablism, is the official DJ of Sam The Kid (an artist who performs precisely in Galp Music Valley on this same day) and Orelha Negra and who, to brighten up his set list, even more, will feature at the pool party with the participation of the rapper Tuga Sir Scratch. To end the last day, Deejay Kamala presents Buruntuma, the new trend in the Afro electronic scene. Her ancestry is felt at her fingertips, which she transforms into Afrohouse beats, and promises everyone to dance on a unique journey to West Africa.

Hot beats and electrifying lyrics, passing through retro-futuristic environments, in a cocktail of electro, Funk, Hip Hop, rock, and much more: for Deejay Kamala, this is how Rock in Rio is danced, and no one will want to be left out.

Diego Miranda, Mundo Segundo & Sam The Kid pass through Galp Music Valley this day, Piruka invites Jimmy P & Gama, Blueyes (Wuant and Foxxy) and Rebecca.

Remember that the 9th edition of Rock in Rio-Lisboa will take place on the 18th, 19th, 25th, and 26th of June 2022, at Parque da Bela Vista, and has more than 14 hours of entertainment a day. – from 12:00 to 02:00 –, with spaces for all tastes. Prepare the best pool outfit, put on your sunglasses and come dance until sunset at the iconic Somersby Pool Parties at Rock in Rio Lisboa.

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