Sommet Education: Teaching in times of great turbulence

Artificial intelligence for the continuity of training

After the announcement by Public Authorities around the world, the operations of the Glion and Les Roches schools were temporarily closed, with only accommodation and support services for students who did not have the opportunity to return to their countries of origin and their families.

To maintain a personalized approach to students while changing the model for distance learning, a task force was created at the level of this education group, made up of teachers and IT members, including Pierre Ihmle, Ph.D., Chief Academic Oficer and Eric Wyttynck, Chief Information, Innovation & Digital Officer.

The higher education programs of the Glion and les Roches Institute have been adapted to online teaching since March 17, 2020 with the use of digital textbooks accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, videoconferences and online assessments. The academic content of 100 new videos is made available daily and so far, more than 2,000 videos have been created for students to access via Moodle, a Learning Management System. Online Q&A sessions for small groups are accessible several times a day, taking into account the different time zones in order to support theoretical teaching.

Artificial Intelligence systems that analyze user behavior during written exams have also been applied in the evaluation processes to maintain a high level of control against plagiarism.

In this context, digital technology has been a means to create a more horizontal teaching method. Digital learning provides part of the essential knowledge, which teachers can then discuss, reinforce and validate in a more open and collaborative classroom environment, allowing an additional focus on the care and provision of information to students. This situation led to a 95% daily student engagement rate with the system in 90 countries.

Online Certificates

To allow students to make the most of this period, both Les Roches and Glion students have private access to participate in small group sessions led by specialists in Revenue Management, Hotel Evaluation or Spa Management. The additional two-week courses, taking place from April 27, 2020, have already proved very successful with almost 4,500 students already enrolled in 90 countries worldwide.

The courses “Analysis and Evaluation of the Hotel Market”, “Hotel Revenue Management”, “Excellence in Spa Operations” and “Maximizing the Profitability of Spas: Financial Planning for Spas and Wellness Centers” are all designed to meet the needs of specific sector needs and will allow students to obtain 4 professional certificates, in addition to their academic degree.

Unique Series “Guide Hospitality in Times of Turbulence”

Sommet Education has created an exceptional series of online classes – live – entitled “Leading Hospitality Through Turbulent Times”. From the initial impacts of the crisis and the lessons to be learned in past cycles, to a potential recovery and the profile of the sector in the post-COVID-19, students have a complete overview of how the Hospitality industry is being affected by the crisis while learning from experts on how to tackle it in the most efficient way possible.

“As the hotel industry is being faced with the great challenges caused by COVID-19, we believe that it is crucial that hospitality leaders of the future understand how to face such crisis situations”, comments Benoit-Etienne Domenget.

Every week between now and the end of June, professors from Glion and Les Roches will join guests, experts in the fields of hospitality, luxury, finance, research and research.

The sessions will develop based on three main topics: Global Trends & Economic and Financial Impact, Strategies & Tactics and Organizations, Leadership & Careers.

Yves Schemeil, professor emeritus of Political Science and International Relations at Sciences Politics Paris, will share some of his unique insights. As well as, among many others, Steve Hood, vice president for hospitality data research and STR analysis specialist, Robert Alter, president emeritus and founder of Sunstone Hotel Investors, Inc., Michel Girardin, Applied Economics by Professor of Finance at the University of Geneva, Chris Mumford, CEO Cervus Leadership.

This exclusive content at first for students from both institutions but will be available to everyone through the schools’ websites to share some insights with the Hospitality communities while the recovery is still postponed.

Beyond Study – Virtual Open Days

Under the leadership of Eric Wyttynck, Chief Information, Innovation & Digital Officer of Sommet Education, the potential of digital tools, such as virtual reality, has been driven by the creation of an immersive experience for students and their families, willing to visit the various campuses.

“We are currently experimenting with the use of virtual reality as an alternative to Open Days. Visitors can virtually visit the campuses and get directly involved with the faculty, which is unique, ”says E.ric Wyttynck.

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