Sonoscopy takes experimental music festival to Teatro Carlos Alberto

The Sonoscopia association conceived and programmed the Colexpla – International Festival of Sonoran Exploration, which will take place at the Carlos Alberto Theater and was born from the legacy of an earlier event.

The event will include a number of concerts, a sound installation, a discussion session, a workshop and an exhibition, including Ken Butler, Tomoko Sauvage, Toma Gouband and Lionel Marchetti. Israeli Meira Asher, among others.

The event is a “legacy” of the Co-Lab – International Festival of Experimental Music, which had five editions in Porto between 1998 and 2003, with experimental music returning to have a dedicated event in the city, 20 years after the ‘ boot ‘.

Gustavo Costa, who with Patricia Caveiro directs Colexpla, explained that the festival “has great points of contact with the Co-Lab”, organized by Alberto Lopes, a member of the association, with Gustavo and other musicians involved in his organization.

“Twenty years later, many of us continued to work together, albeit in different ways. Co-Lab brought very significant names from the experimental music of the time, even more at a time when Porto was less active,” he added.

The programming was oriented among the “more historical names”, like the French Lionel Marchetti and Bertrand Denzler, but also the emerging values, like the Portuguese Marta Ângela and Inês Castanheira or Alfredo Costa Monteiro, “a figure of the Port” that there are several years resides in Barcelona.

There is also room for a name “that may surpass experimental music, even though it is on”, the Israeli Meira Asher, who takes the stage with Eran Sachs on the 14th, and who has a “brilliant musical journey”, although it is also known as ” by the political position of criticism to the state of Israel “.

Tomoko Sauvage performs on the night of September 13, the same as the Trio Sowari, which joins the British Phil Durrant to German Burkhard Beins and Frenchman Bertrand Denzler, while the 14th is for the collaboration between Alfredo Costa Monteiro and the Spaniard Miguel A. García , after a performance by Frenchman Toma Gouband.

The first night brings together musician and instrument maker Ken Butler with “Voices of Anxious Objects” to British composer Kaffe Matthews, who will perform with Portuguese composers Diana Combo, Inês Castanheira and Marta Ângela, while the Russian sound artist: vtol ::, the artistic name of the muscovite Dmitry Morozov, a “pro figure of the international sound art”, will present a sound installation, “Driver”, and guide a workshop, on days 13 and 14, where production works of sounds from rough surfaces, “like a stone or a plate.”

At 5:00 p.m. on the 15th, Kaffe Matthews and :: vtol :: join in a conversation about “issues related to technology, new instruments and potentialities within improvised electroacoustic music”, with Sonoscopia intending to create an “extremely important debate” “and” discuss new terrain and directions “.

On the last day, in addition to Asher and Sachs, the Portuguese also play the Portuguese Abdul Moimême, with Wade Matthews, the American band MSHR and the French Lionel Marchetti, accompanied by compatriot Xavier Garcia.

According to the director general of Sonoscopia, who regularly organizes concerts at his headquarters “in a more informal way,” Colexpla is an opportunity “for those who come [to these events] to attend concerts differently, in auditorium, but also to access more people “who get to know the medium.

The invitation came from the São João National Theater (TNSJ), which co-produces the festival with Sonoscopia and gives Carlos Alberto Theater, and Gustavo Costa’s intention is that this festival can “last in time, as festivals should”, in order to lead to tangible results in the music scene in which they are inserted.

“We were in danger of happening as with the Co-Lab, which, when it stopped, opened a great hole in the cultural scene in Porto… We are already thinking about what the next Colexpla years will be and I hope that will happen,” finished.

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