Soraia Tavares presents her new single “Acelera”

After releasing the long-awaited debut album A Culpa é da Lua in May 2023, Soraia Tavares released a new single. Acelera is now available on digital platforms.

“This theme talks about not getting over the end of a relationship. Where everything around us reminds us of someone else. Places and objects bring us memories. It’s a theme with a good vibe and I’d say a lot of people can relate.”
Soraia Tavares

Soraia Tavares

With production and lyrics by Soraia Tavares and Tayob Juskow and music by Gemiiny, “Acelera is both danceable and mysterious. The lyrics allude to the memory of that person with whom we fell blindly in love and with whom, even after a supposed end, we cannot resist the exciting danger of the reunion.

This is the artist’s first release after A Culpa é da Lua, a debut album that lives between Portugal and Cape Verde, between Portuguese and Creole, just like its author. The lineup includes, among others, “A Beleza Vai Mudar o Mundo”, “As Cinco Coisas Que Nunca Te Disse” and “Dona Joana“, an ode to all mothers.

“Acelera” is now available on all digital platforms and also has a music video directed and produced by Soraia Tavares herself, which can be viewed on YouTube.

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