Sortelha – Places to visit pt.1

1. Castle and ramparts of Sortelha

The castle of Sortelha, can not be dissociated from the historical complex that forms with the village of the same name, since in addition to the castle and the walls that surround the village, the pillory, the Mother Church, the Chapel of St. Sebastian, the Old Misericórdia Hospital, the Diving Fountain and the Azenha Fountain, is a whole in this historical village. The medieval castle was built in 1228, with D. Sancho II, who also granted a charter to the village, the protective walls of the settlement, were built in the reign of D. Dinis and later improved by D. Fernando.

2. House of the House and Chain

The Old House of the House and Chain is located in Largo do Pelourinho and its construction dates back to the 16th century, taking into account the Manueline weapons and the dating attributed to the pillory. The building has two floors, the lower floor being the chain and the upper the Chamber.

3. Governor’s House

The House of the Governor of the County of Sortelha is attributed to the fifteenth or sixteenth century, with later occupation. It has two floors and a square and a regular plant. The main façade has cornice and sashes of straight lintel without a frame, demonstrating classicist influences.


4. Pelourinho of Sortelha

Pillory Manuelino de tablero Constructed in 1510 by D. Manuel is located in the Largo fronteira a Casa da Câmara and Chain at the foot of the castle. Displays six octagonal steps, the column has no base and the capital is corrugated with a circular section. On this one exists a piece in the form of diamond, with curved sides.

5. Mother Church of Sortelha

The Mother Church, dedicated to Nossa Senhora das Neves, is located in Largo da Igreja, within the walled perimeter.It includes, in addition to the church, the bell tower, a passage of the sacred road and some graves excavated in the rock.

Although, at present, what we can observe corresponds to a Renaissance church, its construction can date from century XVI, since in the portal it has the date of “1573”. It was Vigaria of the royal patronage and Commendation of the Order of Christ. Over the centuries has undergone profound changes.

6. Church of the Misericordia

The Church of the Misericordia (Church of Santa Rita or St John) is located outside the walled enclosure, and has medieval origins, as in 1320 it was rated at 70 pounds as the Church of St. John. The Church of Mercy was transferred to this building in 1626, when it will have been enlarged.

The attribution of the name of Santa Rita to this temple is possibly related to the great devotion of the population to this saint and the existence of an image of it, in one of the altars of the church.

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