Sortelha (Sabugal)

The walled village of Sortelha is a monument with its own identity, constituting a unique heritage, of which the castle, located 770 meters of altitude on the south-east edge of the defensive wall, represents its greatest exponent.

The location of the village in a region of rugged terrain, in the transition from the Plateau to the Cova da Beira’s Depression, gives it an important role as a frontier bastion.

Its strategic position, considering the wide visibility, allows it to oversee the whole territory and at the same time maintain visual contact with the surrounding castles of Belmonte, Covilhã, and Monsanto, in a complex military control system of Beira Interior.

That is why the unique, attached to the walls tower, is called the Tower of the Facho (tower of the beam of light) – a memory of times when only the light of a torch at night or the smoke of a day’s fire were the means of contact with the neighboring fortifications.

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