“I’m a boy to go” premieres today on RTP1

The comedian Salvador Martinha ventures into the unknown and travels the country to meet the most unreasonable challenges that are proposed to him. SOU MENINO PARA IR premieres today on RTP1 and RTP Play. There will be double episodes, Tuesdays and Thursdays, until the end of December.

In all programs, Salvador Martinha will face several challenges, from the most unreasonable to the most daring. In terms of proposals, anything goes! Going to Fátima on foot, being a football referee, or even preparing and dressing a dead person for her funeral. How to do it without provoking a record number of letters to the spectator’s provider?

Here, seeing is believing, because sometimes the solutions are almost or more unreasonable than the challenges themselves. But the truth is that, whatever the cost, Salvador will not budge until the objective is fulfilled. Because he… is the boy to go!

Salvador Martinha explains how this challenge came about: “Creativity has always been the main ingredient of this format, since the early days when it was just an idea of mine that was shown on my YouTube channel. I take and drink from the audience’s creativity and then play with it and add my creative vision. It turns out to be teamwork and I think that’s the differentiating factor, which made an idea that lived on my YouTube jump to the screens. I now feel an added responsibility for being at RTP, and great satisfaction and immense pride, of course, but above all, I am happy to keep a format “alive” that I enjoy doing a lot, for the most varied reasons: I can involve the public and the fans of the series, who propose challenges to me, I play (literally) several roles (I learn and have a lot of fun with it), and finally, it takes me to meet a lot of people, all kinds of people, from the most varied places and contexts that often also inspire me for other ideas and shows”.

SOU MENINO PARA IR the new RTP1 program to follow on the nights of December 20th, 22nd, 27th, and 29th. All episodes will be available on RTP Play.

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