South African competitor elected Miss Universe 2019

South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi won the Miss Universe 2019 competition on Sunday, becoming the first black woman to win since 2011 when Angola’s Leila Lopes claimed the title.

Tsolo’s 26-year-old Tunzi is the third South African woman to succeed in the history of this competition, winning over the public and the jury with her ideas against racism and machismo, won the Sunday evening gala in Atlanta, United States.

To reach the title of the 68th edition of the contest, the South African surpassed competitors from 89 other countries.

Puerto Rican Madison Anderson was named the first maid of honor and Mexican Sofía Aragón was chosen as the second maid of honor.

“I grew up in a world where a woman like me, with my skin and hair type, was never considered beautiful. And I think it’s time for this to end today,” Tunzi said in his last message before the final deliberation.

During the competition, the South African had to answer a question about what she thinks is the most important thing young women should learn today.

“Leadership. It’s something women and young women have been missing for a long time, not because they didn’t want it, but because of how society has labeled what women should look like,” she said.

The last black woman to win had been Angolan Leila Lopes, in 2011, at the time 25 years old, who was elected Miss Universe at a gala held in the Brazilian city of São Paulo.

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