Sowin. The innovation company that moves for sustainability was born

    • Globality is one of the fundamentals, helping to transform international partners with specialized collaborators from different continents.
    • Implementation of environmental, diversity and inclusion measures through the ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance philosophy

    Sowin was launched today – an Innovation and Technology activation company that focuses on the practice of sustainability, with the implementation of the ESG – Environmental, Social and Governance philosophy.

    Through its action, it will contribute to technological transformation and a better world through the balance between the evolution of innovation, companies, people and society. It aims to bring together technology enthusiasts from around the world who want to do the same.

    We are aware of the needs of the planet and we know that we need to work hard to get closer to the established environmental goals”, says Marcel Araújo, Executive Director of Sowin.Sowin was born with a commitment to help in this regard. We will be the innovation engine of our partners. We will develop its technological ecosystems, with a team of professionals with environmental, social and corporate awareness and actions”.

    With the motto “IT as a vocation, ESG as an ideal”, the Sowin team will promote programs of a social nature – albeit with more focus on those that promote sustainability – while raising awareness not only of its team but of the entire community that will track your services. Making use of technology, innovation and the experienced team it has, Sowin takes a position in exactly that sense. Not only involving employees but creating global impact and ensuring that its main objective is to contribute to a better world at all levels.

    Internally, Sowin will implement measures that contribute to equality in the team. Through a fair and equitable recruitment process, the company will strive to have a team composed of a balance between men and women in all hierarchical sectors, including management. “We know that this is a challenging objective, given the lack of female professionals in the Innovation and Technology sector, but we will work to achieve not only gender parity but also to have effective practices for inclusion in general”, he says. Marcel Araujo.

    A work-life balance-oriented strategy is also defined, promoting flexibility, freedom and commitment. It will provide employees with physical and mental well-being programs, as well as training and certifications that promote their personal and professional growth.

    Globality is one of the main drivers
    Sowin will bet on global market dynamics, activating the Innovation and Technology of partners from different geographic points. Its degree of action will be global, with a portfolio of partners accompanied by a team that already has employees from different European and non-European countries, on a telework basis.

    The Covid-19 pandemic confirmed the premise that the home office is not an impediment to business productivity, and can even increase it”, says Marcel Araújo.This work logic, in addition to favouring employees – who can more easily achieve the work-life balance by having a more autonomous management of time – allows companies to attract and retain qualified professionals who are anywhere in the world”.

    Sowin offers a portfolio of solutions focused on CRM and ERP ecosystems in tune with the technological transformation and the organic and sustainable growth of each company. It provides innovation through strategic outsourcing, consulting as a service and E2E projects.

    About Sowin
    Sowin is an innovation and technology activation company, driven by the principles of sustainability and globality. It was launched in 2022 and is concerned with environmental and social issues inside and outside the corporate world. It offers a work-life balance strategy to its employees who are located on different continents. It belongs to MoOngy, an Engineering and IT group, which has more than 5500 employees in 10 countries developing global innovation processes.

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