SPA assigns Maria Velho da Costa Award to Teresa Noronha

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The prize, in the amount of 2,500 euros, includes support for the publication of the work by the Portuguese authors’ cooperative, something that should happen in mid-2021.

Maria Velho da Costa, Portuguese writer, Prémio Camões in 2002, who served as deputy to the Secretary of State for Culture of the Government of Maria de Lurdes Pintasilgo in 1979, died at the age of 81 on May 23. SPA describes that the jury for this award was chaired by Leonor Xavier, a member for years of the cooperative’s social bodies.

According to the Maria Velho da Costa Literature Prize regulations, this award is instituted with the purpose of distinguishing first works, of narrative fiction, unpublished.

Approximately 80 unpublished texts were evaluated.

In addition to the prize, SPA awarded honorable mentions to “Num Ápice de Flash, Imbele Landgravio” by Domingos Landim de Barros, and “Elegância de Costumes”, by Francisco Mota Saraiva.

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