SpaceX successfully launches Falcon 9 rocket

It was with some disillusionment that space exploration aficionados realized that on Wednesday, the 27th, astronauts Doug Hurley and Bob Behnken would not be on their way to the International Space Station.

This was the first time that SpaceX launched a manned mission, which opens the door to Elon Musk’s ambitions to eventually be involved in missions to the Moon and Mars.

The Falcon 9 rocket successfully separated from the Crew Dragon capsule, which continued its journey en route to the International Space Station. However, the rocket began to enter the Earth’s atmosphere to land on a maritime platform, an opportunity that SpaceX did not waste and successfully accomplished.

The last phase of this launch was the separation of the Crew Dragon capsule with the remaining propellant of the Falcon 9 rocket. This was one of the last moments for this Crew Dragon mission, which was also successfully completed.

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