Species of brown bear that was considered extinct, seen in Portugal

Portuguese authorities confirmed the existence in Portugal of a brown bear, a species considered extinct, revealed the Territorial Environmental Service of Zamora.

The regional administration of Castile and Leon warned the bear of the Portuguese authorities, who confirmed the finding, the regional government of Castile and Leon confirms in a statement.

The existence of the Bear was due to damage in an apiary in the city of ‘La Tejera’, and the regional government officials, verified that they were made by the brown bear, also informed the Portuguese National Institute of Nature Conservation, given the proximity of the border Portuguese, if the animal continues to the south, what happened.

The last brown bear in Portugal was killed in 1843 in Gerês, after having existed throughout the country. The brown bear is the second largest species of carnivore in the world, following the polar bear, an average adult measures 1.4 to 2.8 m in length, tail included, males weigh more than 200 kg, females more than 150 kilograms.

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