Spectacle marks the centenary of the birth of Maria Teresa de Noronha

The centenary of the birth of the fado singer Maria Teresa de Noronha is marked today, with a show at the Olga Cadaval Center in Sintra, in which around 10 fadistas participate.

Margarida Noronha, Maria da Graça Noronha, Teresa da Câmara, Teresa Brum, Carmo Moniz Pereira, Matilde Cid, Margarida Soeiro, Margarida Bessa and Teresa Siqueira are the fadistas who will interpret themes from the repertoire of Maria Teresa de Noronha (1918-1993) who celebrated themes like “Mataram a Mouraria”, “Fado das Horas” or “Saudade das Saudades”.

The fadistas will be accompanied by the musicians Luís Petisca, in the Portuguese guitar, Armando Figueiredo, in the viola, and Luís Morais, in the bass guitar, and the presentation is in charge of the fadista José da Câmara, nephew-grandchild of Maria Teresa de Noronha.

This is an initiative of the Academy of Portuguese Guitar and Fado (AGPF) which, in parallel, presents an album with compositions by José António Sabrosa (1915-1987), who was the husband of Marido Teresa de Noronha.

The disc includes 14 melodies, among them the Fates of Defense and Tia Dolores, and unpublished melodies collected by the guitarist José Pracana (1946-2016).

José António Sabrosa “had a decisive importance in his career”, said the president of the AGPF, Nuno Siqueira.

“The AGPF understood that it was indispensable to extend the tribute to Maria Teresa de Noronha to her husband, who was an excellent guitarist and had a remarkable gift for the composition” fadista, he said.

Maria Teresa de Noronha “allied many qualities that made her an exceptional artist: great technical resources – clear voice, beautiful timbre, inexhaustible tuning -, feeling, capacity for expression, great rigor in the choice of songs and lyrics.

Qualities that, Nuno Siqueira went on, “moved those who heard it.”

In the late 1960s, in a press interview, Maria Teresa de Noronha said that “fado by definition is a message of the very moment in which one sings.”

The creator of “Cantigas à Desgarrada” received the Singers Prize from the contest of radio artists, according to news published in the Diário de Lisboa in June 1943.

The president of the AGPF stressed that the creator of “Fado da Verdade” is “one of the great fado figures of the twentieth century”.

Her latest album, “Saudades da Saudade”, was released in 1972. The edition of the full-length recordings of the fado singer, coordinated by the researcher Frederico Santiago, which includes unpublished, is scheduled for November, according to information from Valentim de Carvalho.

The AGPF, in turn, has foreseen other initiatives, in the framework of the celebrations of the centenary, namely, an exhibition at the Fado Museum in Lisbon, from the “estate left by Maria Teresa de Noronha, currently owned by her nephews of the Noronha branch of Mendonça, to which other pieces will be added, in the possession of individuals or institutions. “

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