Spicy Noodles release new video “Sensacional!”

“Sensational!” is the name of the song that also gives its name to Spicy Noodles’ first album, released on March 31 by the publisher Lux Records of Coimbra which will be available for consumption in physical or digital form, has no contraindications and can be consumed without moderation.

The chorus speaks of those moments when we feel Mr. Bean, a character with the most original and eccentric solutions to solve some problems and a total indifference to solve others, with an incredible ability to generate confusion, and we feel Charlie Brown, the boy who fails in almost everything he tries to do, a child endowed with infinite hope and determination but who is dominated by his insecurities and permanent bad luck, suffering small blows from his friends, a failed charismatic, and how we feel so happy when we think it’s awesome.

Music was made for those things that we want to happen anyway, what has to be, what will happen even if we have to try again, what we pay to see, and let it go, what has to be and not has a solution.

The video clip seeks to be all of this, made up of eccentric and original solutions. Spicy Noodles prepared and edited their best and most sensational tricks and dance moves, all at an accelerated pace to serve as the basis for frantic colored doodles.

Érika Machado (BR) and Filipa Bastos (PT) are the team of the Spicy Noodles project and together they make all the creative part that had its first presentation in January 2017. The single “Leve Leve” came out in the album Novos Talentos Fnac 2017 and it was among the most requested in the top A3_30 of Antena 3 for some months.

Spicy Noodles was the name chosen for this project / band that was born in the sunny Alentejo summer of 2016, in an artistic residency. Érika Machado and Filipa Bastos seek sounds and images to write a diary with four hands and are responsible for all the creative part, from the compositions and execution of the songs, from the videos, to the illustrations, photographs, and whatever else is needed. They know almost nothing at all, and that is what they build the entire Spicy Noodles universe with.

Spicy Noodles has already circulated from north to south in Portugal, passing by Casa da Música, Maus Hábitos, Salão Brazil, Fnac Live Festival, among others.

The sound of Sensational! it is seasoned with samplers, guitars, keyboards, toys and electronic bits that mixed together make an explosion of noise in each of the songs. The topics covered are varied, and they talk about everyday life, what remains of the corner “Converseta”, the experiences “Por ai”, “Para Chegar” in Spicy Noodles “Sensacional!”.

The edition of the album comes out a little later than planned, but the theft of the disc almost ready is already history, and Sensational! materializes the work of the pair that sings what they want and does not hear what they do not want.

The album was made between July and August 2019 and was all recorded and pre-produced at the home studio Quebra Galho in Coimbra, and then went to Studio 128 Japs in Belo Horizonte in Brazil, where the dear master John Ulhoa (Pato Fu), generously handled production, mixing and mastering.

May 1st at the Clav Sessions in Guimarães
May 2nd at Fnac de Braga
May 3 at Fnac de Guimarães
June 27 at the Costa da Caparica Auditorium

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