“Splash”, a swim in the ocean of Fátima Lopes

Fátima Lopes presented in Paris today the collection for the next spring / summer entitled “Splash”, a dive in an ocean of undulating shapes, crystalline colors, unfathomable necklines, sparkles and transparencies, and which constituted its 40th parade in the French capital.

The Portuguese fashion designer chose the “Salon des Miroirs”, a room full of windows and light, to unveil the 40 coordinates for the next hot season – as many as the parades she made in Paris – and which are inspired by the aquatic world and in its astrological sign, fish.

“The idea came from my astrological sign, fish, but with the duality of the aquatic world and real fish. I decided to go to the essence of my sign – which is me, in fact – and create a very intimate collection,” said the creator, emphasizing that “the fish woman is very creative, sensual, very feminine and very sensitive”.

In March of 1999, in her first parade in Paris, Fatima Lopes walked the mannequins on a passerelle with water and, almost 20 years later, the water continues to inspire her: she went to get “fish details”, with scales in the paillettes ‘of fabrics,’ sea bubbles’ in silk patterns, recreated waves with draped and intertwined ‘mousselines’, lace trimmed and combed to suggest fish tails.

For an even more “aquatic” effect, the designer bet on jade, lemon, pink, red, blue, nude, white and “very little black” colors, but also on mixing materials, silks with lace and combining opaque with transparencies.

“We have a lot of silks, a lot of them, because the silks have a drop – especially the ‘mousselines’ that, when walking, make movements of the sea waves.There are many long dresses that are all in mousseline and many gods. silk, lace, paillettes, hand-embroidered fabrics, “he described, also emphasizing the choice of jumpsuits, but always with a mixture of materials.

The parade was dominated by dresses of all sizes, but there were also trousers, shorts, ‘tailleurs’, ‘robe manteau’ (dress-coat), ‘jumpsuits’, ‘jumpsuits-tailleur’ ​​and a collection of ‘trikinis’, which are a graphic composition that continues the bikini.

“There is a large collection of swimsuits, several models, which is not very usual to present in Paris, but I wanted to introduce myself.I think it makes perfect sense, it’s summer and I love it. The beach can and should be very elegant, and more and more women look for pieces that value them, “he said.

For the Portuguese creator, this is a “collection for all occasions” that one wants “sophisticated, and even the bathing suits have a sophisticated air”, being the coordinates accompanied by two models of several colors of its new collection of footwear: “footwear” boot sandals, and very geometric sandals with a heel and a slight offset.

Fatima Lopes explained that “reinventing is easy, because drawing is natural”, and stressed that “in the eyes of the world, being in Paris is truly important.” In the 40th parade in Paris, presented outside the official calendar and as an independent, Fátima Lopes explained.

“The fact that I’ve been in Paris for almost 20 years makes all the difference because even though you’ve been in Paris for more than 20 years, you’re serious. It’s a credible brand, it’s working hard, not knowing what it means the word to give up. To be in Paris is to be in the world, to present the collection to the world, “he added.

The creator, who was “the first to do a parade in the Eiffel Tower”, wants to return to Paris for the next Fashion Week in 2019 to “make the great party of the 20 years of parades” in the French capital.

Paris Fashion Week has other Portuguese names, such as the pair Marques’Almeida – the only Portuguese brand on the official calendar – that will unveil its Spring / Summer collection this Wednesday at the Palais de Tokyo.

Outside the official calendar, designers Luís Buchinho and Diogo Miranda will present their proposals for the next hot season at the University of Paris Descartes on Wednesday.

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