Spontaneous takes impromptu theater in March to Sintra

Two Brazilian and one Mexican companies are among the participants in the 2019 edition of the festival Spontaneous, an improvisational theater festival to be held in Sintra from March 28 to 31, the organization announced today.

On the night of the 28th, the festival begins with the Impro Ensemble, in a show in which the entire national and international Spontaneous cast joins onstage to improvise a work directed and proposed by an international guest.

This year’s edition of Spontaneous takes place in the auditorium Acácio Barreiros Olga Cadaval Cultural Center.

The ensembles of the 2019 edition of the festival are directed by Mico Pugliares (Italy), Kaspars Breidaks (Latvia) and Keng Sam (Réunion Island) and count on the participation of the Instant and Improbable Portuguese improvisation groups.

Next will be Briton Phil Lunn, who will present the homonym show, in a national debut

In this show, Phil Lunn stars in a cabaret singer who through conversation with the audience creates unique songs.

The next day will feature Keng Sam and Damien Fontaine, from Reunion Island, who will perform the show ‘T’, whose scenes to improvise depart from a musical list chosen by the public. Next, the Brazilians from the Risk Group will perform, which will present ‘O baile’.

Formed by Rafael Pimenta, Juliana Mesquita, Luciana Esposito, Paula Silvestre, and Tamara Borges, this collective from São Paulo presents a show where the guests of a party dance when they are surprised by the news of a murder.

The audience then decides what role the characters will play in crime, determining the course of the story while being called to help the detective unravel the crime.

Day 30 is the turn of the new show of Impro Ensemble, which will be directed by Mico Pugliares, Kaspars Breidaks, and Keng Sam.

After this show, Mexicans IMPROTOP, a company founded in 2004 and directed by Fabian Garza, presents the play ‘ImproBroadway’, an improvised comedy style of Broadway musicals.

On the final day of the event, the Impromime, from Brazil, which debuts in Portugal, presents ‘Public Solitudes’, a show in which they explore mime and silence to improvise stories with the public.

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