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sport tv appeals to fans

Fan support can change a game

sport tv launches “Big Decisions. Great Emotions.”, the new campaign that debuts on March 29th, and calls on fans to support their clubs in this phase of big decisions.

The concept of the new sport tv campaign challenges fans to support their clubs, at such an important moment of the season. The relationship between the fans’ emotions and the players’ performance is the guiding thread of the entire campaign, which is divided into two moments: a calmer and more challenging first, referring to the anxiety and effort felt on and off the field. A second more confident and energetic, culminating in an absolute contrast.

Nuno Ferreira Pires, CEO of sport tv, highlights that “The challenge I pose to you is this: Together, in the company of sport tv, we will fuel this passion and demonstrate the role that fans can play in these big decisions. As games approach that could be decisive for the outcome of our championship, it is essential that fans unite around a single objective: supporting their clubs. Every voice, every applause, every presence are factors that can help decide the outcome of a football game.”

Francisco Leitão de Sousa, from Tux&Gill, shares: “In this campaign that announces a decisive game, we seek to reinforce the sport TV territory, straight to the emotion. With this creative concept, we bring frustration, anxiety, euphoria and achievement. The role of fans will never It was so decisive for the teams’ success and the cries of support were felt on the pitch.”

The “Big Decisions. Big Emotions.” It has a creative direction from Tux&Gill, production from Trix and media planning from Fullsix, and starts with the duel between Sporting CP and SL Benfica on April 6th at 8:30 pm, followed by the clash between FC Porto and Sporting CP on April 28th, also at 8:30 pm.

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