Sporting and Benfica players dominate the National Team

Portugal faces Japan on 30 and 31 October, at the Municipal Hall of Torre da Marinha, in Seixal.

This Tuesday was revealed the list of called for the double commitment with the selection of Japan, to be held on 30 and 31 October this month, both games scheduled for 7 pm, as part of the preparation for the qualifying phase of the 2020 World Cup.

Sporting and Benfica dominate the call of the National Team, with the lions contributing with five players and the eagles with four.

Jorge Braz called for André Sousa, Erick Mendonça, João Matos, Pany and Pedro Cary of Sporting, and André Coelho, Bruno Coelho, Fábio Cecílio and Tiago Brito of Benfica.

The list of 14 called also counts on Nilson and Vítor Hugo, of Braga; Tunha, Burinhosa, Tiago Cruz do Rio Ave and the uncontrollable Ricardinho, who works in the Spaniards of Inter Movistar.

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