Sporting beats Vitória SC

Lions beat Minho in Alvalade and performed the best performance of the ‘Silas era’.

Almost a month after the last round, Sporting returned on Sunday to the routine of the championship with a moralizing triumph against Vitória SC, 3-1.

In this match of the eighth round of the NOS League, the lions entered ‘with the full rope’, giving primacy to the possession of the ball in midfield midfield and the creation of opportunities in the goal of Miguel Silva.

The good indications given in the first 20 minutes of the match, however, proved insufficient to open the scoring, and Silas’s team began to show nervousness with the ball in their feet and some slow time to regain positions when they did not have the ball in. your power.

As the first half progressed, Vitória SC grew in the game and began to dominate operations. It was also from the feet of the Victorian players that the best times came, especially from the first half of the match. Sporting’s first two goals came with some surprise, as it was Ivo Vieira’s side that was closest to scoring.

Jesé Rodríguez’s and Marcos Acuna’s goals were aimed against the flow of the game, of course, but they did launch the lions for a positive night – Sporting showed their best version, albeit in space. This was undoubtedly the most convincing display of the green and white team since Silas’s arrival at Alvalade.

The triumph – sweaty but fair, despite the difficulties imposed by Vitória SC – has given room for maneuver to a Sporting who have been under tremendous pressure. It was the sensation, not only of the reaction of the players, but of the fans present on the bench, that breathes better in Alvalade after this victory.

The lions have outnumbered the Minho in the standings and are already in fourth place in the NOS League. The expectation now is that this victory will serve to catapult the leonine team into the leaderboard. Only time will tell if Silas and company have what it takes to follow up on the positive indications shown on Sunday night.

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