Sporting loses with FC Porto in Alvalade

Dragons won at Alvalade for the championship 11 years later and Sérgio Conceição won for the first time in the lion’s stronghold for the first time in his career. All thanks to Marega and Soares, and above average efficiency, which was lacking (and much) to Sporting.

Who does not mark, risks… losing. This is precisely what happened on Sunday afternoon in Alvalade. After being outnumbered – Marega struck on 6 minutes – Sporting managed to reach the equalizer before the break through Acuña and entered very strongly in the second half. Opportunity after opportunity followed: one, two, three and goals and they didn’t see them for the Silas team.

FC Porto turned out to be as effective as their opponents were, and left Alvalade with three points. Soares scored after a corner from Alex Telles and allowed the dragons to keep the four-point gap to championship leader Benfica. Sporting are 16 points from the eagles and lost 3rd place to Famalicão.

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