Sporting ties with Boavista

Lion with his back to victory saw Bruno Fernandes put on his savior cloak. Leonel Pontes made his debut with a draw, but without further offensive arguments it seemed difficult to ask the coach more. Second half was better, but the Boavisteiros still held a precious draw, obtained by a goal (and what goal), free-kick, after seven minutes of play.

Stripped of arguments as a rooted spearhead (Luiz Phellype), the only one in the squad, without Vietto or Coates, both injured, having lost Raphinha, Thierry Correia and Bas Dost, Leonel Pontes set off for his debut in the substitute bench of the. Sporting’s main team eager to come up with new ideas, but in the first half of the match with Boavista, they saw little of a renewed lion and much of the attitude of the past.

Without referee Keizer, now with a coach who visibly charges more than the Dutchman of the players, Sporting went into the field with Marlom’s left foot … making a dent. The free-kicking checkered forward in a free-kicking frontal position fired a bomb in the 7th minute that overruled any initial plan Leonel Pontes might have put together.

With several news in the eleventh, with Bolasie, last-day reinforcement, acting as spearhead, it was a aimless lion who tried to react to the initial setback. Bruno Fernandes, Wendel and Doumbia held the midfield normality, but on the left in the attack came Acuña, on the right Plata, showing that the machine still needs to be sharpened.

Unable to reverse the turn of events before the break, Jesé was fired by Leonel Pontes for the beginning of the second 45 minutes. The PSG-handed Spaniard tried to dance his reggaeton, but the imbalances he tried to create were almost always lessened by a checkered defense that made aggression his essential asset.

The equalizer, which closed the score at 1-1, came from the feet of the usual. Bruno Fernandes, as an emergency room, in a throw of some happiness, saw the ball hit Carraça and betray Bracali.

However, as a second-half note, we highlight the more aggressive, incisive and savvy performance of the greens and whites, but also the rapid loss of physical capacity on the part of Lito Vidigal’s men who, without having the expense of the game, seemed to have physically broken too early.

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