Spotify reveals the most listened to artists, songs, albums and podcasts of 2023

  • T-Rex is the most listened-to Portuguese artist in 2023 on Spotify in Portugal;
  • Taylor Swift is the most listened-to international artist by Portuguese users, followed by The Weeknd and Drake;
  • The consumption of Portuguese music continues to grow, showing an increase of 42% this year, and a diversification of musical genres, such as Tuga hip hop or Portuguese pop;
  • “Extremamente Nasagradável” once again leads the podcast preferences of Portuguese users.

The end of the year is a time for reflection and also for one of the most anticipated moments for music fans around the world, with the reveal of Spotify’s Wrapped.

The world’s largest audio streaming company today reveals the most listened-to artists, songs, albums and podcasts among the platform’s 574 million consumers in 2023, as well as new personalized experiences for each user.

Portuguese preferences

For the first time in the history of Wrapped in Portugal, the most listened-to song of the year belongs to a Portuguese female artist. “Como Tu (feat. Ivandro)” by Bárbara Bandeira is the song that the Portuguese listened to most during 2023, followed by “Tá OK” by DENNIS and “ Nosso Quadro ” by AgroPlay, in third position. “Chakras” by Ivandro occupies fourth place, with “Coração de Gelo” by WIU finishing the podium.

“In the year in which I released my first album, having the most listened-to song of the year is the biggest reward and the biggest sign that this is the right path.”, says Bárbara Bandeira. “I make music for people and the fact that they chose me is the biggest award I can receive. Thank you to those who were already here and to those who arrived now.”

New Year New Life. In 2023, the Portuguese have a new favourite international artist. Taylor Swift, rises to first place after being in third place last year, followed by The Weeknd, the leader of 2022, and Drake, the leader of Wrapped 2021. The top 5 ends with the presence of Portuguese artist T-Rex, in fourth place, and Bad Bunny. This year there are 7 Portuguese artists in the top 20, whereas in 2022 there were no local artists.

In relation to the Portuguese people’s favourite albums on the platform, the first place belongs to the Portuguese T-Rex with COR D’ÁGUA. In second place is Dos Predios Deluxe by Veigh and in third place is Starboy by The Weeknd. The top 5 closes with Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny and Heartbreak & Other Stories by Portuguese Richie Campbell.

“Sleep to dream, wake up to achieve. Thank you everyone for reminding me to cross out the first word of track number 2 on the album COR D+ÁGUA. It’s possible,” says T-Rex.

National music continues to grow

Among the most listened to Portuguese artists, the podium is led by T-Rex, who had been in fourth place last year, followed by Ivandro, the leader in 2023, Plutonio, in third place, and Wet Bed Gang and Julinho Ksd, the close the top 5.

“Como Tu (feat. Ivandro)” by Bárbara Bandeira is the most listened-to Portuguese song of the year in Portugal, followed by “Chakras” by Ivandro and Julinho Ksd, and “CASA” by D.A.M.A and Buba Espinho in third position on this list. Compared to last year, Portuguese users consumed 42% more local music, with 7 Portuguese songs in the top 20 when in 2022 there were only 2.

The international panorama

Like the national Top, Taylor Swift leads the global top, replacing Bad Bunny, who now occupies the second position, after having led the global Wrapped for 3 consecutive years. In third place is The Weeknd, Drake occupies the fourth position and Peso Pluma completes the podium.

When it comes to the most listened to songs globally, the award goes to Miley Cyrus with “Flowers”, followed by SZA with “Kill Bill” and Harry Styles with “As It Was”, which was the leader in this category in 2022. “Seven (feat Latto)” by Jung Kook and “Ella Baila Sola” by Eslabon Armado occupy fourth and fifth positions, respectively.

The most listened-to podcasts in Portugal and the world in 2023

With increasingly high consumption and a greater diversity of content, both national and international, podcasts have once again assumed a prominent place in audio consumption on Spotify.

Without any major surprises, the trophy for the most listened to podcast in Portugal goes once again to Joana Marques, who entertains the Portuguese from Monday to Friday on Rádio Renascença, with “Extremamente Desagradável”. Bruno Nogueira’s new podcast, “isso não se diz”, debuts in second place, with “Isto é Gozar Com Quem Trabalha”, presented every Sunday on SIC by Ricardo Aráujo Pereira, rounding out the top 3.

At a global level, the top is once again led by the American podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience”, followed by “Call Her Daddy” by Alex Cooper, and “Huberman Lab” by Scicomm Media.

How to access the personalized Wrapped experience

Every year, Wrapped celebrates the relationship with music and helps us reflect on the role audio plays in the lives of the platform’s users and music creators. In addition to allowing access to the most listened-to songs and artists globally, it offers users the possibility of having a retrospective on what they listened to and how they felt in recent months.

In addition to users’ favourite features, Wrapped introduces new ways to discover and celebrate the year in music, such as:

Me in 2023: This feature celebrates each person’s streamer profile, revealing one of the 12 characters that best describe each user, such as Shapeshifter (the user who quickly switches from one artist to another), Luminary (the one who appreciates more uptempo music than others) or Alchemist (the user who creates more of their own playlists than others).

Sound Town: Through this new feature, each user will have an assigned city based on their consumption habits and shared musical tastes. Musical habits are surprisingly shared in communities around the world, and Wrapped 2023 celebrates just that.

Wrapped Feed: Right on your Spotify home screen, Wrapped Feed is your one-stop shop for everything Wrapped, including top editorial playlists, merchandise from your favourite artists, upcoming concerts, and more.

Spotify also has a personalized ‘Wrapped‘ experience for artists and podcast creators, who can access their own microsite to understand how they are being listened to by their fans and followers. To do this, creators will be able to access ‘Spotify for Artists’ and ‘Spotify for Podcasters’.

Starting today, all users will be able to access their own personalized Wrapped experience, in the Spotify mobile app on iOS and Android, but also via the web on desktop and mobile at

Lists of most listened-to artists, songs and albums in 2023:

The most listened-to artists in Portugal in 2023:

The most listened-to songs in Portugal in 2023:

The most listened to albums in Portugal:

The most listened to Portuguese artists in 2023:

The most listened to Portuguese songs in 2023

The most listened to podcasts in Portugal:

The most listened to artists worldwide:

The most listened to songs worldwide:

The most listened to albums worldwide:

The most listened to podcasts worldwide:

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