SPRAY releases “Pintado no Luar” the remastered version of the 1997 album

23 years after its launch, it has become possible today, with the remastering of Pintado no Luar, to listen again to themes like O Teu Nome Pintado no Luar and Só Para Ti.

According to the creative mind of SPRAY, João Paulo das Neves “with the current technology, the albums to be reissued sound better, clearer and more faithful to the primary intention. I don’t see the remastering process as a point of arrival, but rather, as a point It’s a new thing, like the duet with Rui Reininho that I think is something very little known. Or with Paulo Costa dos Ritual Tejo. There is an inherent reassessment that can be converted into revelation. Epiphany

In 1997, SPRAY arose from the silence of someone temporarily alone. Although the name sounds like something collective, it is the personal project of João Paulo das Neves, in all voices and instruments.

Spray is something ethereal, volatile like me, it has colors, and it flies! It’s from the world and from any language!”, Explained João Paulo Das Neves.
Cosmopolitan, the work sometimes has guests who also give a lot of themselves (Rui Reininho, Paulo Costa, Peixe, Paulo Praça, Joana Carvalho, etc…) and help in a decisive way what results in the final product.

During his career, SPRAY has albums, with, in production, Luis Carlos Pereira (Pintado No Luar), Rui Reininho (Salto Mortal, who has an interesting duet with Rui Reininho on the theme Anoiteci, and with Paulo Costa on the theme More Uma And João Paulo Das Neves, in the most recent Brit.

According to João Paulo, “working with Rui Reininho was perhaps the biggest brand that music gave me. In human terms. To be a person. I learned a lot and I feel that Rui still gave me a lot of the “nervous system” that composes me. Its influence on Portuguese music is unavoidable, and it was like that in my life! It was a fantastic sharing with THE GREAT MAN of rock in Portuguese! ”.

For João Paulo, there is a before, and after London. It was in the English city that he defined his perception of the world and of art, after an episode in which “for the first time, I lived and played on the streets. Homeless”. London’s experiences, whether through the streets, bands he played with, or even smells, made his work tend to be more cosmopolitan and without barriers. Despite Pintado No Luar, not suffering from this influence, the albums that follow, assume this condition.

Maximum proof of this close relationship and João Paulo, with the United Kingdom is the album Brit, the one published in 2020 by Sounds & Visions RECORDS.

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