Spray with a remastered version of “Pintado No Luar”

Ministry of Musics Records is pleased to announce the remastered version of Spray’s album “Pintado No Luar”

The album was recorded in April and May 1997, at Pinguim Estúdios, Porto, and is now remastered as analog as possible.

All songs were produced by Luis Carlos Pereira, Luís Miguel Assis participated on the guitar in “Só Para Ti” and Silvia Antunes in some vocals. The bass used in all the themes is the classic Hofner Vionin Bass.

A shortwave broadcaster and a cellphone were used to achieve some effects (in 1997 a cell phone was almost new) and it was a challenge to get a really “bad” microphone to achieve some other effects.

SPRAY sounds like a “band“, but it is nevertheless a personal project. The album “Pintado No Luar” happened in 1997 and was 16 weeks in the Top Nacional de Vendas (4 of them in first place) and 22 weeks in Top RFM (4 of them in first).

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