Startup in Porto launches superchargers more powerful than Tesla’s

Values ​​that surpass the current fast charging systems in Portugal that reach 50kW and can reach 250kW per car with Tesla’s Superchargers.

The range presented by i-charging is blueberry and has three possible configurations: blueberry, blueberry PLUS, and blueberry CLUSTER. The blueberry range is based on dynamicblue technology, owned by the Portuguese company and which is patented and responds to existing needs in the market, allowing sequential and simultaneous loading, as well as an unlimited number of outputs through the dynamic allocation of energy to each output.

The innovative product also includes a new cable management system, also patented, which easily expands and retracts a 4.7-meter long cable.

The blueberry chargers are also equipped with a 32-inch, tactile screen that allows you to view information about the load, but also have promotional videos or any other multimedia content.

The company wants to advance this year with the first models of the new i-charging range as they will have certification for the European market and, next year, certification for the American market will arrive.

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