Startup seeks Portuguese for artificial intelligence systems

The DefinedCrowd startup, incubated at the Science and Technology Park of the University of Porto, is looking for about 10,000 people to help “improve the recognition” of the Portuguese language in artificial intelligence systems.

Daniela Braga, founder and director of the technology-based company in the development phase DefinedCrowd, explained that, currently, existing artificial intelligence systems “do not present satisfactory levels of performance.

The interactions with these systems still leave a lot to be desired. In most cases, this is a data problem,” said Daniela Braga.

According to the former student of the University of Porto, it was with the objective of “providing training data” for the artificial intelligence systems that appeared in 2015, DefinedCrowd.

Through a “smart platform,” where customers customize the type of data they need, the company delivers “timely, high-quality, scalable” results.

“In order to achieve this we guarantee quality, speed and scale, we use two components: our own machine learning algorithms and a community called Neevo by DefinedCrowd, which performs online tasks to enrich and structure data, “he said.

In this sense, the startup is looking for about ten thousand Portuguese who use the mobile operating system of Apple Inc. (iOS) and who can perform various tasks, including annotating parts of sentences and images, indicate the main sentiment of a text or even validate if audio matches the displayed text.

According to Daniela Braga, natives should, therefore, through the platform Neevo by DefinedCrowd, create an account, install the application on iOS devices and from there perform the requested tasks.

“This specific project will be available on the Neevo by DefinedCrowd platform by the beginning of February. Portuguese natives who register and perform a first sample task will receive the US $ 4.95 [4.35 euros]. requirements in the instructions, each person will be invited to make more recordings for which he will receive another $ 15 [13.18 euros], ” he said.

Daniela Braga said that by 2019, DefinedCrowd, which has partners such as Microsoft, Amazon, IBM and Mastercard, has a “very ambitious objective“: to become the “number one data company for artificial intelligence in the world “.

Our focus this year will be not only on the expansion of the top customer list but also on partnerships with industry leaders who are at the forefront of the evolution of artificial intelligence. Lisbon and Porto, ” he added.

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